Friday, March 05, 2010

Talk about glass houses! ~ By Joseph Farah

Joseph Farah writes about the fear mongering of the Southern Poverty Law Center concerning the TEA Parties across America, and how they actually make money doing it. (Hey, they must have learned that scam from Al Gore!)
SPLC finds it alarming that only one-fourth of Americans think the government can be trusted and that more of them see the tea-party movement in favorable terms than they do either the Republican Party or the Democratic Party.

Skepticism about government is as American as apple pie. It's in our genetic makeup. It's what the founders were counting on to keep us free.

By Joseph Farah

Posted: March 05, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

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You've heard the old expression: "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

Well, at least one organization has figured out how to throw stones while living in a glass house and parlay it into hundreds of millions of dollars.

It's called the Southern Poverty Law Center.

You probably heard about its latest report: "Rage on the Right – The Year in Hate and Extremism," in which SPLC attacks the tea-party movement for its "extremist ideas," links with "hate groups" and ties to "militias."

Guess what? It turns out there's a fortune to be made by hurling epithets like that.

SPLC made a name for itself by suing the Ku Klux Klan. After taking out this repulsive organization, and making millions in the process, it seems SPLC had to find new bogeymen to keep its crusading leadership in caviar.

The group is still playing the race card – linking anyone to the right of Arlen Specter with racism, extremism, militarism, hate, anti-immigrant vigilantism and, perhaps worst of all on the Morris Dees scale, "so-called patriot groups."

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN)
The latest report singles out heroic conservative Republican Rep. Michelle Bachmann for promoting "anti-government ideas" – yeah, just like Ronald Reagan did.

It also takes on Gun Owners of America Director Larry Pratt for, imagine this, supporting the Second Amendment.

I'm only disappointed I wasn't named along with these fine upstanding Americans. I will have to try much harder to make the enemies list of the SPLC next time.

But it's not like these people don't have wealthy, influential and powerful friends listing to them. More than a few noted the striking similarities between the over-the-top rhetoric of SPLC and that infamous Department of Homeland Security report last year that warned about how pro-lifers and returning veterans represented threats to the republic.

It's not surprising the group seized on the tea-party movement, the most potent grass-roots political uprising in my lifetime. Fear-mongering is what the SPLC is all about – and turning it into a profit center.


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