Thursday, July 31, 2008

Here's to Rush Limbaugh!

Description from worldnetdaily.comMega ditto's, Joseph! I am ecstatic to have the honor to submit this great article celebrating the 20 years of Rush Limbaugh on the air! I salute both Rush Limbaugh and Joseph Farah for their courageous stand to keep not just the airwaves, but the press, free. Thank you for this great article, Joseph. Thank you, Rush, for the greatest 20 years! Tributes to the king of talk radio: WND columnists honor Limbaugh for 2 decades on air read more | digg story The following story, originally written here as part of the blog for Joseph Farah's column, can also be found on the johnny2k Is Home blog. My Tribute to Rush Limbaugh By John Kubicek Even as a little kid, I was very much into talk radio. I was lucky to have guys like Paul Harvey and Earl Nightingale on the AM radio for an occassional break from the Rock and Roll music filling most of the air time back then. It wasn't until I reached the old age of 35 that real talk radio started to be something to help the AM radio stations to make a gigantic comeback. Unfortunately, it was even a few years later when I discovered somebody so cavalier that would dare to talk about politics, and the religion of politics. Yes, I'm talking about El Rushbo. Rush Limbaugh was a pioneer that changed the whole nature of talk-radio, and it wasn't until my late 30's before I was to make my discovery. I found that there were other people that felt just like me! And one of them was an up and coming radio talk-show host! I repeat, he felt JUST LIKE ME!!! And so did so many of the people that called into the show. I no longer felt alone in the realm of politics. It answered my questions about how Ronald Reagan had won two elections so convincingly when it seemed I was the only Conservative on the face of the Earth. Okay, confession, that isn't entirely true. I knew there were a few other Conservatives out there, people that believed that there was a Power in the universe much better than what the government could do. That Power was in realizing the personal fortitude, perseverence, resilience and Faith that allowed anyone to succeed in life, as long as they knew the Lord, where that strength was coming from. I listened to many cassette tapes in the decade before I knew who Rush Limbaugh was. Those cassettes espoused the greatness of Free Enterprise. Even with Ronald Reagan as President during that time, I had the fear that the central federal government stifled Free Enterprise with massive regulation and tax laws. And along comes Rush, already on the same page. And now, two decades later, there's not enough time in the day to listen to all the wonderful radio talk show hosts. We now have the ability to pick and choose who we listen to. Of course, that may just apply to people more on the Conservative side of the political spectrum. It seems as though the Liberal-slanted talk shows haven't done so well. The next President of the United States may be somebody that doesn't like the current slant of the playing field and could try to do his best to gain support for the resurrection of the Fairness Doctrine in order to level the playing field. But wait, the left already has the slant of the playing field in their favor in the main stream media, Hollywood entertainment, education and now even in some Christian denominations. The only thing left to stop their dominance is talk radio, the New Media, and the blogs. Let's say it this way: If Rush is ever stopped, we're all in trouble!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Prez Obama"—The Death of Comedy?

My great friend KJeffV on states in his description that Julia Gorin razzes the Left's apparent inability to find any "humorous jab" material concerning their messiah, OBH. That was an excellent description of Julia's commentary on the "Death of Comedy" should Barack win in November.

What Julia says is mostly true. The Left won't be able to come up with any comedy. We'll have to depend on the Right to bring us any good comedy regarding the possible presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. That means that we will have to depend on the intellectualized humor of Dennis Miller. Team him up with John McCain and maybe we can still have some comedy in our lives. It just won't be from the left. Those addicted to late night TV talk shows and Saturday Night Live for their political humor fix will be going through withdrawals. On Tonight with Jay Leno, there was a great comedian as a regular guest that could perfectly impersonate President George W. Bush. Those days will be over, which won't matter that much anyway. I won't be watching Tonight after Conan takes Jay Leno's place. As sad as it may be, Julia's commentary stated how the Left won't be able to come up with humor, and the reality is that some of us on the Right had also depended on the left-sided media having the monopoly on the late-night talk show host humor market, so there will be a problem. Solution: Replace Dennis Miller for Conan O'Brien on "Tonight", and there could be some hope. Add John McCain as the side-kick, and it could easily bring back the Johnny Carson-Ed McMahon days of old. Of course, though, keep in mind that we are just talking about the late-night TV genre. We will always have the talk-radio hosts and Fox News that will always find something funny about Barack. They are the few that aren't afraid of the PC Humor Freeze. And best of all, we'll still have the blogs. We'll still have youtube. You and I will still have plenty to laugh at; although, some of the things that Obama will do will be too sad to laugh at. That may be the saddest point of all when we come right down to it.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

For Such a Time as This...

Only a few days after the tragic death of his son, Greg Laurie talked at Harvest Christian Fellowship's service Sunday. His message was certainly emotional and powerful. To my good friend and Brother in the Lord, Alexander, "Powerful" would be an understatement! The following video that was up on Alexander's blog choked me up. My deepest condolences go out to Greg Laurie and his family. That Greg and his son Jonathan were able to get through this took a great amount of courage, as I was losing it just watching the video.

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Welcome To My America

Hi, I'm Lady J USA, I created this blog to expose the liberal agenda. I am very Anti-Obama. I AM NOT A RACIST. I just simply do not agree with his policies and Obamanations. The liberal media views Obama as the "Great Obamessiah", it's like they are following a false profit (she meant, "prophet").
You've always been one of my favorites on, ladyjusa! Congratulations on starting your new blog! I've added your new blog to my blogroll already! Hey, world, watch out because there are a few people out here with a cause. We're not going to stop. God gave us talents and we're going to use them. Add Lady J USA to our army. We are doing good, but always keep in mind, we are won by ONE. Not even the Obamassiah can overcome our prayers. Welcome to OUR AMERICA! read more | digg story

"Obama will change the world," says his step-mama

We just can't enough of this, can we? Just when I was about to call it a day, rjwusa submits this great story, and you can only bow down to the master of writing great descriptions:
Obama's step mother, the virgin Kezia Obama, believes that he will "change" the way the world thinks once he takes charge at the White House in Washington. -- I wonder how many Obama cultists, suckered in by the Obama cult of personality, believe Obama to be born of a virgin, sinless and believe him to be the new messiah? It's more than we think.
I must hand it to Randy, I mean rjwusa, at, his description hits it on the nose. And I realize that I've been all over this Obama thing in the last few days. Just about when I'm ready to give it a rest, here comes Randy talking about the Obama Cult. Well, payback is a b----, rjwusa, because my latest discombobulated dreams have been telling me that even if Obamassiah is defeated, we won't be any better off. My dream of Hillary Clinton joining with John McLame as his Veep was just a symbolic way of telling us that the GOP ticket will be just as McLame as the Obamanation ticket. read more | digg story ~ submitted by rjwusa


Dr. Laurie Roth is asking when the American Public is going to stop the Obama worship train? When are we going to finally notice, not the ‘sound bites’ but the real and endless connections that do nothing but create endless questions as to his real loyalties? Is Obama a Messiah or the Anti-Christ? Just a day or two ago, we were asking if Obama was the Anti-Christ. Well, here is the other side of the coin. There also seems to be many Americans - and other citizens of the World - that think that Barack is our new Savior, the next Messiah. Dr. Laurie points out all the reasons that it is surprising that somebody like Barry Obama would create such a buzz. While some of us in the blog world were busy discussing the fact that he could be the Anti-Christ, or at least a sample of the ability of the Evil side to be able to set up such a person, the O-man was busy showing the world how he could be THEIR leader. Dr. Laurie makes a lot of good points. We have to ask: How could this happen?
You see, with all his travels, you wouldn’t want the world thinking you were patriotic to the U.S., its flag, sovereignty and history when you could be gearing up to be the International, environmentally friendly President who is a globalist and serves the spirit of Marxism and communism……commonly held this, government controlled that, fixing world hunger of course by manipulating tax money from the American people.
While that may fit in with the world's view, should any American that has valued our freedom even consider a person like that? How could this country even consider this sort of person as our President? The more the people of the World that love the Obamassiah, the more he does fit the role of being the Anti-Christ. For all practical purposes, Barack Hussein Obama would make no sense for our citizens to elect as our next President. But the truth is, there's a good possibility of Obama winning the election in November. I can only come to one conclusion: Folks, this was not an accident. We have a weak GOP candidate that gets nominated from out of nowhere, against a candidate that comes out of nowhere, that takes out the heir-apparent candidate - Hillary Clinton - and has the media attention and a super-charged fan club. So, who is the REAL OBAMA? I'll be the first to admit, "I don't know". But he ain't good. read more | digg story

Friday, July 25, 2008

Korean Paper: Obama For President of the World

In a great story by Holly Borei, she comments on the Korean newspaper that says Europe wants Obama for the world. Why? My friend Alan (alanhlake) on answers that well in a comment he wrote:

Since Europe is falling for Obama as it is, does anyone with an ounce or gram) of perspective and a Biblical world view doubt that the world will fall for the coming anti-christ?

Would the Islamic world recognize Obama as the Mahdi? If he acknowledges his Islamic roots and loyalty, they just might. Some Christian students of prophecy believe that the anti-christ will make a treaty with Israel that he'll break in 3 1/2 years. Obama has tried to show himself to be a "friend" to Israel as he "prayed" (or is it "preyed") at the Western Wall. If Barack Hussein Obama were the anti-christ, how different would he be from the Obama that we know? Not much, I dare say. Christians, lift up your heads. Your redemption draws near.

It isn't so much that Alan, or I, are going so far as to say that Obama IS the Anti-Christ, but more to the point of how easily the world will fall for somebody like Obama. But, really, how did Obama succeed to the point where he is today? The media? Dumb luck? His charisma? Satan? All of the above? Well, just about! There wasn't any "dumb luck" involved. Barack has the charismatic ability. We all know how the main stream media swoons over Barry Obama. You know how Chris Matthews drools over the thought of Obama. Well, there is the link to Satan for you! Not to mention that Europe loves the global elitists, because they are the only power that can take down the United States; the global warming hysteria may be the one thing that can do it. The EU needs the U.S. to sign the Kyoto Treaty, and Obama is their guy to do that. It's just a matter of their jealousy. We offend them by our success. read more | digg story

The market has spoken: Green weenieism is a loser

Good news on the global warming front. It appears that the public is not buying it — at least if magazine sales are any indication. There appears to be a to the willingness of well-heeled liberals in the media and Hollywood to lose money to promote their pieties — especially the myth of man-caused climate change. Dr. Zaius of the Infinite Monkeys blog definitely made a great point. This quote says it all:
As global warming was first becoming a cause célèbre a few years ago, many serious environmentalists worried that green was in danger of becoming a fad...
Didn't we global-warming-caused-by-man deniers say that from the beginning? We quickly picked up the fact that it was a fad, just like the "global cooling" fad back in the 70's. But just the same, I'm happy this column was published, as it may quicken the demise of this latest "fad". Cool, because now I'll have time to get back to my hula-hoop and playing with my Rubik's-cube while wearing my paisley bell-bottoms and lavender silk shirt. read more | digg story

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We Have Troubles and We Have Help

By T. L. Farlow
It’s hard to select where to begin. There are so many issues that need addressing that one cannot seem to focus upon any one issue enough to affect resolution before another equally or more important issue arises with expediency. We have national leaders hell-bent upon destroying our once free society. We have enemies within and without plotting our demise. We have scores of millions who have bought into full-blown socialism as a viable way of life and are exerting their combined strengths to ensure that everyone falls into lock step with the trend. We have bogus, government-approved, scientific theories that ensure that all inhabitants of the globe pay homage and fealty to the global warming hoaxsters. We have many enemies that have infiltrated our own government and are slowly but surely taking over and demanding that our nation’s security be dismantled.
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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hurting Lives Restored

"Life recovery? What does that mean? I asked myself a few of those kind of questions before cracking open this book. What I found was astounding." Alexander, I'm right there with you, buddy! I put this on the blog just so that some people may just find out that there is hope. It is in God, and all that He can do for us - assuming that we allow it!

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Better Living Through "Chemergy"

Al Gore feels that we should and can be "100% Carbon Neutral by 2018"! That's a great idea! Algore was 100% correct for the first time in his life! - Don't panic, read Johnny 2k's latest!

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mexican asylum applicants: Sign of a failed state?

Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Co.) writes that "Mexican law enforcement officials are walking into U.S. ports of entry in increasing numbers to seek political asylum, and the flow may soon become a flood as Mexico's battle with the drug cartels intensifies. Our first instinct is to welcome them, but there is more at stake than humanitarian sentiments." The point is, if all the "good people" in Mexico flee because they're going to be bumped off by the drug gangs, who will be left to protect the citizenry? Related stories: MEXICO UNDER SIEGE: Drug war mayhem instills a new fear Mexico: A failed state? By Tom Tancredo read more | digg story

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not a Great Night to be an Atheist

MLB player Josh Hamilton has overcome a lot and proved that dreams really do happen...
Josh Hamilton had a dream that he would be in Yankee Stadium in a Home Run Derby contest. The 27 year-old slugger from the Texas Rangers had his dream come true July 14, and he put on the greatest display of power and consistency in the history of the event. It wasn’t long ago that Hamilton wasn’t a professional baseball player at all. He was a cocaine and heroin addict. He had dropped out of baseball for three years.
I was watching the All-Star Game when I heard about Josh Hamilton's drug addiction and how his grandmother had helped him straighten out. However, I didn't hear about this part of the story, so please click to read more on the link below. And for some reason, this story reminds me of the movie, "The Natural"... That's a good thing! read more | digg story

Sunday, July 13, 2008

118th Annual Commencement Address: "Reason, Faith, Vocation"

Tony Snow, White House Press Secretary, at the Basilica of the National Shrine of Immaculate Conception. This is Tony's Commencement address for Catholic University on May 12, 2007.

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tony Snow dies at 53 of cancer

Tony Snow, the former White House press secretary and conservative pundit, has died after a long bout with cancer. He leaves behind his wife and 3 children. Tony was a man who was truly loved by many and will be missed by many.

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Friday, July 04, 2008

The Greatest Freedom

"The freedom we are offered in America is a blessing. However, where does my greatest freedom come from?" - AlexanderWrites I can always count on my friend Alexander to write wonderful, inspirational pieces like the one linked to today, "The Greatest Freedom". What an excellent way to start my day! What Alexander reminded me of today is that there is a freedom that can not ever be taken away from us. While there has been many doom-and-gloomers out here in Cyber-Land - me included - that feel our freedoms in America are being incrementally taken away from us, this is not one that ANYONE can take away. We will always have a way, if we have the willingness, to follow the Lord Jesus in our lives. There is no way that can ever be taken away from us! You will always have the freedom to choose to follow the Lord Jesus. However, the problem is that, in various circumstances, there may eventually be detrimental consequences for making that choice. Many will unfortunately be deterred from making the right choice. While I don't want to sound dramatic, I need you to know something. There may be a day when we will lose a vital freedom. Our freedom of speech is being feverishly attacked; there are those that will attempt to eliminate our ability to evangelize to bring the Good News of what Jesus has done for us. And that is why, with the utmost urgency, the Warriors of the Lord must now do all we can to bring many more souls to Jesus. We may always have the freedom to choose the Lord, we may be hindered from sharing our message. So, now IS the time! read more | digg story

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Do You Have a Safety Net?

"Life’s tough times and tragedies are inevitable – each of us will face them. But we don’t need to go through them alone. We need God’s safety net to help hold us up through these difficult times." ~ Rick Warren, "Purpose Driven Life"

So, what is God's "safety net"? My friend Alexander put up this quote from Warren's book, "Purpose Driven Life" on his blog recently. While we always need God walking along with us through our lives, sometimes it also takes other people just to help us stay focused and get through those difficult times. God puts those people in our lives for a reason. A very SPECIAL reason! He works through each of us.

No, when we have those inevitable difficult times, we must not go through them alone. Just remember that if someone you know needs a friend, someone to talk to, even if they are whining, by you being there for them, that whining will eventually be turned around to being encouragement to handle their struggles. YOU could be your friend's safety net, just by being there for them.

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Do you know what ANWR is?

The truth about drilling in Alaska is plainly seen in this post on ANWR. You'll discover the myth surrounding the "Depleted Wildlife" situation created by drilling around Prudhoe Bay.
Of course, we wouldn't want to destroy a prestine place like this. The trouble is, this isn't the area of ANWR that we want to drill in. The trouble is, Democrats and their useful idiots in the MSM want you to think it is, because they want the price at the pump to go up to at least $5.00/gallon. That of course will keep us from driving our SUV's so much, thus cutting down green house exhaust emmisions, and we could prevent the average world temperature from going up that whole 0.1 degree in the next twenty years...

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Faith-based government?

In an excellent column, Joseph Farah brings to light how Barack Obama says he is going to expand President Bush's so-called "faith-based initiative" if the American people elect him in November. That's no surprise! Obama and his party have never met a government program they didn't like and want to expand. Except it is all a big scam, and it is more government intrusion and redistribution of income. I had never thought of the "faith-based initiative" in this way as Farah explains it. I hadn't really ever questioned President Bush's intentions in getting this going. But now, after reading about how Obama is using it, I can see it as an attempt to buy the Christian votes. Unfortunately, many Christians will be "tempted" by the "30 pieces of silver", and end up voting for Obama Sin Laden. And then, there is one more thing to think about. It is an example of how government programs are always expanded, and it is usually to "buy" votes"!

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