Sunday, November 30, 2008

Russian Analyst Predicts Collapse of USA

"A leading Russian political analyst has said the economic turmoil in the United States has confirmed his long-held view that the country is heading for collapse, and will divide into separate parts." ~ Continue reading
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Still Without Substance - from the Anti-antediluvian

I hope the media is enjoying their honeymoon with the “One”, because after January 20th America expects and deserves to hear and see solutions to the countries problems. ~ Continue reading digg story, submitted by oldguy53

The more things change... By Marianne Peracchio

We could analyze and condemn the tendency to villainize a man to the point of wishing him dead for its sheer illogic. Attacking the man instead of his policies and ideas halts intelligent debate. From the perspective of pure logic, our political culture has become thoroughly infantilized. And, much like debating a child's bedtime with her is wearying, I find myself quickly tiring of discussing anything political with those on the hardcore Left. The newest and the most depressingly effective tactic (if one wants to be so generous as to attribute anything so strategic as a "tactic" to the practitioners of this new rhetorical style) is the habit of taking my every critique of the President-elect's policy plans as "proof" of my dislike of him as a person. "Ah ha!" they actually say, "you're just saying that because you don't like him." In one surreal move, they've checkmated me. To answer their bizarre claim is to dignify it and to allow the argument to be derailed from policy to personality (yet again). To ignore it is to passively accept it. No matter my response they've stymied me. Yet, I cannot send them to their rooms without dessert. But there's a much darker side to this trend; an eerily mindless tendency has emerged. Having closed the debate with violent epithets or character assassination, those who accuse their opponents of being "every inch as bigoted and ignorant as their white Christian right wing counterparts" for disagreeing on the definition of marriage (where is the love, after all?) have committed the first step in accepting totalitarian controls over speech and political dissent. Without our noticing, a significant percentage of our society has tacitly accepted the viewpoint that those who disagree with them should be silenced or even...die? When one segment of the population wishes another segment of the population were dead rather than listen to a different viewpoint, we have progressed dangerously far from a society in which liberties are protected. We are dancing on the edge of despotism. ~ Continue reading digg story, submitted by readwriteblue

Sign The Petition! Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide To Save Planet

"Hey, don’t ask any questions. Don’t try and find out what is going on. Just sign your name to a piece of paper shoved in your face by someone you’ve never met and who’s motives are completely unknown all you sheeple out there." ~ Continue reading

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Website yanked for posting Obama birth certificate article?

Contrary to what the article says they may of been yanked by their Internet provider Tulsa Connect almost immediately after Lucianne linked them. Coincidence? You decide! Tulsa Today doesn't admit being yanked for reasons unknown, although they have since then switched providers. read more | digg story, submitted by shnizep Related Story: The Great Birth Certificate Scandal/Cover-Up of ‘08 ~ Tulsa Today

The Great Birth Certificate Scandal/Cover-Up of ‘08

UPDATE, November 1, 2009: This column is no longer available at Was it scrubbed? Be sure to read the related story. By Joan Swirsky Monday, 24 November 2008 Analysis: Last week, newscasters reported that al Qaeda’s #2 terrorist disparaged the election of Barack Obama, and hurled racial slurs at Obama himself. “The report has not been confirmed by the State Department,” they all said, but they reported it anyway. Fox News reporter Carl Cameron told viewers that three “anonymous” insiders of Sen. McCain’s campaign said that Sarah Palin was, in essence, a diva and a dunce. He – and dozens of others who picked up the story on other channels – never identified, or even verified, the sources of the quotes, but they reported them anyway. Contrast these shabby examples of “journalism” with the legions of identifiable, verifiable and credible sources who for months have been investigating the disturbing allegation that Barack Obama is ineligible for the presidency because he has failed to meet one of the three requirements that the U.S. Constitution mandates, specifically that he provide proof of his “natural born” U.S. citizenship. What follows is a partial list of people and organizations that have challenged Obama’s eligibility. Further on I will comment on how egregious the media’s failure to cover this story has been. And last, I will speculate on the reason for the cover-up of this full-blown scandal. ~~ Continue reading
digg story, submitted by SamMcPhy Related Story: Why Tulsa Today went dark ~ Tulsa Today

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Censorship Doctrine, Known As The “Fairness Doctrine"

Obama is far too smart to reenact the Fairness Doctrine... oh no, he has a "better" idea.. read more | digg story, submitted by JB88

Chasm Dividing Americans Over Birth Certificate Widens

The chasm between those who want President-elect Barack Obama to produce his birth certificate to verify his eligibility to hold the nation's highest office and those who simply support the Democrat is widening.

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Hal Lindsey on the Obama Birth Certificate Controversy

Hal Lindsey does a great job explaining what is going on with the Obama birth certificate controversy, and he makes a great point that, given all that is at stake, Obama's refusal to put this controversy to rest is baffling!

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Just how conservative do you think you are? - by Star Parker

Now that Democrats have won the White House and have widened their margin of control in both houses of Congress, does this signify that American voters have moved to the left? Many Republicans question this claim. Research by the Pew Research Center seems to verify that America is still a right-of-center country. But the details are murky.

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Social engineering: National suicide - by Henry Lamb

Throughout the 20th century, social engineers steadily gained influence. The 21st century appears to be a continuation of this trend. This has been possible, not because their philosophy is valid; it clearly is not. Social engineering has expanded because the determination of their advocates has been met by apathy from their opponents.

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Friday, November 28, 2008

How It Begins: The Turning Point

Yes, it is true. For many of us, we have had turning points in our lives, and we got to a point where we needed to make changes. In this writing, including a video, you'll see a testimony from a man that had reached that point. It was easy to find a title to this piece, as we know that "How it begins" comes down to when we reach the Turning Point.

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North American Union supporter top Obama economic adviser - by Aaron Klein

President-elect Barack Obama recently appointed to his economic transition team a known socialist activist who has previously urged the creation of a North American Parliamentary Union, a governing body to consist of Mexico, Canada and the United States. Former Rep. David Bonior is reportedly being considered for the Labor secretary position.

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This Is the Army - 1943

This is the end scene as the Army goes back to battlefields.

This comes from Irving Berlin's "This time":

[Verse:] 'Twas not so long ago we sailed to meet the foe And thought our fighting days were done We thought 'twas over then but now we're in again To win the war that wasn't won [Refrain:] This time, we will all make certain That this time is the last time This time, we will not say "Curtain" Till we ring it down in their own home town For this time, we are out to finish The job we started then Clean it up for all time this time So we won't have to do it again Dressed up to win We're dressed up to win Dressed up for victory We are just beginning And we won't stop winning Till the world is free [Coda:] We'll fight to the finish this time And we'll never have to do it again
The words above need to be remembered. We must NOT forget, THIS TIME! digg story

Is Google censoring anti-Obama stories? - By Chelsea Schilling

Pamela Gellar of Atlas Shrugs claims the search engine giant has banned her groundbreaking articles about Obama – a technique many people refer to as "sandboxing." "It's a freedom of speech issue," she said. "Who are they to decide what should be searched? They don't like what I'm running so they ban me?" read more | digg story People who liked this story also read: Boycott Google. Boycott Google. ~ texasdarlin > digg this story

Socialist Republic - By Patrick J. Buchanan

We are headed either for default on our debts and bankruptcy as a nation, or something less honorable: a quiet cheapening of the debts we have incurred by inflating and destroying the dollar, robbing our creditors of what we owe them and robbing our own people of the value of what they have earned. What would the Founding Fathers think of us now?

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Will Republicans go the way of the Whigs?

Dr Samuel L. Blumenfeld writes about how the Whig Party disintegrated, and wonders if the GOP will go the same way. So what are conservatives to do? Should they start a new political party that will be strictly conservative? Only if the present conservative leadership in the Republican Party is willing to offer its leadership to a new party..

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cops force U.S. soldiers to lick 'urine' off ground

Officers Wayne W. Thomas, 19, and Collin H. Jacobson, 20, instructed the two-time war veterans to lick the ground and scrape up mud and lick it to prove the substance was not urine – or they would receive citations. read more | digg story, submitted by ItsMe22

Kenya: 'I don't know' if Obama born in U.S.

Ambassador suggests question be put to American government. Kenyan Ambassador Peter N.R.O. Ogego is saying he's "infuriated" by a radio program's efforts to "misquote" him on the subject of President-elect Barack Obama's birthplace – but he refused to confirm whether Obama was born in the United States. In an exclusive interview with WND today, Ogego was specifically asked whether Obama is a natural-born U.S. citizen. ... Continue reading

read more | digg story Related story: Listen to this, as the Kenyan Ambassador states Obama was born in Kenya

How the Pilgrims progressed - by Joseph Farah

They went back to their Bibles and saw that in practicing utopian communism, they were attempting to be "wiser than God." Once they abandoned that deadly economic system, they flourished. Are we wise enough to learn the lesson from the Pilgrims' experience today? Or are we doomed to repeat the failures and experience the miseries of socialism?

Thanksgiving: Overcoming Socialism - Empower Texans

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Terrorists' restless leg syndrome - By Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter reveals a side of Camp Guantánamo that its detractors did not want you to know about. Expensive medical procedures -- including prosthetic limbs -- at taxpayer expense. *This* is torture? This is probably Ann Coulter's most valuable column yet. ~ Temlakos And like Ann concludes, "Anyone who thinks the Guantanamo detainees can be released without consequence doesn't have a leg to stand on." read more | digg story, submitted by Temlakos

Congress May Help Make Starting a Union Easier - By Duane Lester

When the Congress returns next year, one of the top priorities for them will be to pass the misleadingly titled bill, the Employee Free Choice Act. This bill will eliminate privacy when voting for or against a union in your workplace. ~ PabloMac

In the column by Duane Lester, he says that a better name for the bill would be the Employee 'Forced' Choice Act. It would be both unfair to workers and horrible for our economy, as is explained in this terrific opinion piece. read more | digg story, submitted by PabloMac

Frank, Dodd and Obama's high crimes - by Eric Rush

They hide in plain sight, and no one will police them. The Bush Justice Dept. won't touch them, and it's not just because that entity will be changing the guard in less than two months. Congress and others in government who promoted and acted under the auspices of the Community Reinvestment Act are the same ones covering all of this up.

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Detroit Free Press: Impeach before Bush leaves office

You got to be kidding me! The Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS) lives on! And even after Bush leaves office in less than two months, BDS will continue to plague the Demoncrats and Liberals... And now they have a new malady to deal with: ODD. The Obama Derangement Disorder, when coupled with BDS, seems to be leading to mass insanity, which could result in the death of America! Get your innoculation now! Now, here is a VERY clear two-sentence paragraph ripped from the story that makes my case - quod erat demonstrandum:
It's unclear precisely how those two ideas can co-exist. Riley doesn't explain how impeachment will prevent Bush from enacting his bad economic policies, while simultaneously not distracting Congress from developing its own economic policies.
Everything is unclear to these progressive folks at, that is certainly evidence of those horrible, insidious behavioral disorders, BDS and ODD. WARNING: Read this story only if you have been innoculated against BDS/ODD Do NOT digg this story: It must be buried! Forever! Related stories: The Wizard of ODD - By John Kubicek For economy's sake, Pelosi needs to push for impeachment now - BY ROCHELLE RILEY • FREE PRESS COLUMNIST • November 25, 2008

Hunting & Fishing: A Thanksgiving Tradition

Hunting and fishing surround Thanksgiving, a holiday that annually sees thousands of Americans take to the outdoors. It is a tradition our states should foster and protect -- with good reason. There is no better way to support your local economy, get a jump on your New Year’s resolution to eat better and know your food is fresh than to hunt locally. read more | digg story, submitted by covertress

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Example Of The Idiots Who Made A Communist Our President

They have no clue, they don't care, they are the useful idiots.

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Does the GOP have a future? - by Burt Prelutsky

For all the feel-good chatter about the big Republican tent, going after the votes of minorities and the youth is time and money misspent. And the forecast for conservatives in America is none too bright. Democrats, after all, breed at a far faster rate, and young people just keep getting dumber.

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Listen to this, as the Kenyan Ambassador states Obama was born in Kenya

November 24, 2008 - We (WRIF radio, "Mike in the Morning") recently called the Kenyan Embassy and learned some pretty interesting things about our President elect, Barack Obama… THIS CALL IS 100% REAL! You people who think this is fake or “a bit”… IT IS NOT! Now take a listen…Quit complaining…And take it for what it is… Listen beginning at 12:15 into the MP3 File on this page... read more | digg story

Deputy White House Press Secretary Avoids Question About Obama Birth Certificate

In a press briefing this morning, Deputy White House Press Secretary Tony Fratto ended the briefing by overtly avoiding a question regarding President-elect Barack Obama’s birth certificate and demands made by the CEO of WorldNetDaily that a long-form document be released. read more | digg story, submitted by MissRomance101

Where was Obama born? - by Joseph Farah

Barack Obama can end this controversy by doing something he should have done a long time ago – especially as a presidential wannabe pledged to more open government. He should release his long-form birth certificate. If he doesn't do it, we need to make sure some controlling legal authority does before he is sworn in as president.

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Rathergate II: Certification of Live Birth a clear forgery - by Janet Porter

What was posted was not a birth certificate, but something that resembles a "Certification of Live Birth" or COLB, which, even if authentic, does not prove "natural born" U.S. citizenship. read more | digg story, submitted by Jam37

The Real objectives of Barack Obama - By Hilmar von Campe

Many similarities exist between Nazi Germany and America today. The government controls the MSM, the public schools, and puts more limits on our right to bear arms. Hitler mobilized the youth to use violence and Obama hopes to require all our youth serve "community service". (Google "Public Allies") Obama says the United States isn't Christian! Hitler would be proud. read more | digg story, submitted by Good2BMe

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Glenn Beck: Teen commits suicide live on web

Transcript from his show Nov 24, 2008..GLENN: "It's about the suicide of that teenager. Did you see this at all? Really the details are not that important, where he is, who he was, who the parents were, really not that important because I think when you look at this teenager, you don't see him. I think you see yourself, at least I saw me." Awesome!

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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Wizard of ODD - by John Kubicek

Find out about the exclusive evidence, reported here first, of a new strain of a mental disorder called Oppositional Defiant Disorder by the American Psychiatric Association. There are widespread reports of this disorder which has put it into pandemic proportions. Please do not call the CDC or the WHO. There seems to be a simple home remedy!

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Auto neurotic asphyxiation - by Doug Powers

"When it comes to business," Doug writes, "I'm a strict evolutionist – Darwinian to the core. Unfortunately, too many are mistaking 'survival of the fittest' with 'survival of the fattest,' and the rest of us are being squashed under their weight." Doug discusses the three main players; government, unions, and management, and how they are involved.

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Welcome to the American prison - by Barbara Simpson

Earth to Barack Obama. Please pay some attention to what's going on in Germany. It seems Chancellor Angela Merkel isn't happy with the carbon emission caps set by the European Union for industries. Her government wants extensive exemptions for heavy industry because they cost too much. It seems negotiations are under way. Lucky Germany!

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Petitioners: If you're eligible, show us the proof!

Whether he is a natural born citizen or not, it is our right to know the citizenship status of the President Elect! If there was no problem with the citizenthip status of [Barack Obama], then he would simply show the American people proof. So where is it? Sign the petition to let [Barack Obama] know that we will not be ignored. read more | digg story, submitted by ZepHed69

Constitutional Questions Over Obama's Birth Certificate Answered Tonight!

Last Sunday on Political Pistachio Radio an explosive episode that has attracted thousands of listeners regarding Obama's Birth Certificate aired. During that episode, a number of Constitutional questions arose from the relationship of the 14th amendment with Article 2 to who becomes president should Barack Obama be found to be ineligible. Philip J. Berg's case is heading to the Supreme Court, and the Obama Camp claims they have a Constitutional argument out of it. Do they? Did the 14th amendment change the meaning of Article 2? If Obama is in fact ineligible, who becomes president? Will there be a special election? What if the decision comes down before January 20th? What if the decision comes down after January 20th? Related story: Why is Obama's Birth Certificate Still An Issue?

Debate Forum Over Obama's Eligibility to be POTUS

A forum to discuss whether Obama is eligible under Constitutional law to be President of the United States. Discussion over the birth certificate controversy. read more | digg story, submitted by Dreamusic

Insufficient public interest? - by Joseph Farah

Joseph Farah writes, "Judge Bert Ayabe upheld arguments from Republican Gov. Linda Lingle's office, which, inexplicably, has fought tooth and nail to protect the birth certificate from public scrutiny even though it remains the key to establishing whether the man elected to be the next president is actually eligible under the Constitution." read more | digg story

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Why is Obama's Birth Certificate Still An Issue?

Why is Obama's Birth Certificate Still An Issue? Why does the media not report on the lawsuits regarding the Issue? Listen here on Political Pistachio Radio, with Douglas V. Gibbs

Falling on my knees

Sometimes it takes a winter in our lives to realize just how much God blesses us. And just when you are thinking things are getting a lot better, we deal with floods of problems. We can see the beauty in even the most harsh conditions. And there can be things in our lives that are beyond our ability to deal with on our own.

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Kathleen Parker's Low Opinion of Evangelical Christians

Thanks to David Limbaugh, in his column, "Evangelicals: A drag on the GOP?", he discusses the way that Kathleen Parker blames Evangelical Christians for the demise of the Republican Party. But this article isn't about politics. It is about what she wrote in a very scathing column, "Heresies and Other Truths." Somebody needs to adjust her attitude!! read more | digg story Related story: Glenn Beck: Fake Conservatives are Media's Delight

Begin Deprogramming

Continuing the move to resist liberal democrats. Okay, I can't resist! I mean, I couldn't resist the need to include this video here. I hadn't ever heard of this guy before, but he's outstanding, and a Conservative Christian! If you are wondering why you are watching the video after the first 45 seconds, just keep watching. You will understand it once you see the rest of it. WARNING: Though there is no profanity, there is language that may be offensive to some people.

Begin Deprogramming from machosauceproduction

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Glenn Beck: Fake Conservatives are Media's Delight

This story is from a transcript of the Glenn Beck show that I was listening to Friday (20NOV) morning as I was working on my blog column, Kathleen Parker's Low Opinion of Evangelical Christians. I have posted this with BigTomato's description, which is accurate, but it doesn't tell the story of what Glenn Beck is talking about, at least from my perspective (see Related Story below.) Make sure you click on read more to understand why this means something very important to me. Back in the day you used to have to accomplish something. You used to have to be good at being, you know, the best in your field. You had to, you know, you had to be Babe Ruth. You had to be Neil Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, talent. You had to be an accomplished person. Then it started to get watered down a little bit. ~ BigTomato read more | digg story, submitted by BigTomato RELATED Story: Kathleen Parker's Low Opinion of Evangelical Christians

Exposing the fallacy of collectivism - By Henry Lamb

John Edwards was right: There are two Americas. The division is not between the rich and poor, red states and blue states, nor Democrats and Republicans. The division that really matters is between the people who believe government should regulate the behavior of people, and those who believe that people should regulate the behavior of government.

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Annie, get your guns! - by Melanie Morgan

Americans who cling to their guns and Bibles are doing more than bitterly clinging these days. They're locking and loading. The election of Barack Obama to commander in chief has people scurrying to their local guns stores to stock up on handguns and long-guns, plus plenty of ammo to boot. My advice: Annie, get your guns. And don't forget the ammo! (And remember, there are now less than 60 shopping days until inauguration!) Related story: The Bedside Gun-Rack - Video Advertisment (See below) read more | digg story

The Bedside Gun-Rack - Video Advertisment

Its your constitutional obligation to buy one! read more | digg story, submitted by swishly1

Evangelicals: A drag on the GOP? - by David Limbaugh

David tells us Evangelicals, "It's NOT your fault!" that McCain lost the election. He completely obliterates the arguments that Kathleen Parker (the evil Anti-Palin) tried to bring up in a recent column she wrote. In David's column, he let me know that Ms. Parker thinks Evangelical Christians are a bunch of low-brow knuckle-draggers. Related story: Heresies and Other Truths - by Kathleen Parker read more | digg story

Defeated Congressman: Taxpayer Dollars Not Your Money

A RINO congressman seeking a $25 billion bailout of the troubled U.S. auto industry made a stunning statement about taxpayer funds to benefit Detroit, claiming, "It is not your [the taxpayers] money." (See video below) Knollenberg held his seat for 16 years in the House of Representatives, but was just defeated this month by Democrat Gary Peters...

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Crossing the Rubicon - by Hal Lindsey

Ancient Rome had in place a law similar to America's posse comitatus law that prohibits U.S. military forces from being used inside U.S. borders. To prevent the Roman republic from the threat posed by its own military, Roman legions were prohibited from crossing into Roman territory past the boundary line marked by the Rubicon River. In 49 B.C., when Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon on his way to Rome, his action made armed conflict inevitable. Crossing the Rubicon became a idiom for passing a point of no return. Once one has crossed the Rubicon, there is no turning back.

~ Hal Lindsey

According to the IAEA, Iran has now amassed 630 kg of low-enriched uranium, enough, says the New York Times, to produce a single atom bomb. Iran has crossed the Rubicon with Israel. There is broad speculation Israel will strike at Iran sometime prior to the presidential inauguration on Jan. 20 to avoid having to defy a U.S. order to stand down. Here is one more extremely important quote from Hal Lindsey's column, "Crossing the Rubicon:"
For decades, I've preached of the coming alliance between Russia and Persia, together with an alliance of Muslim states, dedicated to Israel's destruction. Today, we're discussing whether or not Russia has supplied Iran with sufficient nuclear material to destroy Israel as casually as if we were discussing an international trade agreement. I've expected, as the Lord said in Luke 21:28, to see these things begin to come to pass. I've written them and preached them and warned of them. Still, it is an awesome thing indeed to be an eyewitness to their fulfillment. The Lord is coming. The signs say He is coming soon. We may well have already crossed the Rubicon. If you haven't made peace with Him, now is the acceptable day of salvation. Tomorrow may be too late.

Related Stories: Airship vs. Atom Bomb ~ COVERTRESS Iran Said to Have Nuclear Fuel for One Weapon ~ New York Times

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Obama's state secret: His birth certificate! - by Joseph Farah

So much for those pledges of "open government," for those promises of "change," for his upcoming oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. Barack Hussein Obama is still refusing to disclose to the American public something as basic as his full, undoctored birth certificate. Join Joseph Farah in this fight for truth: PETITION FOR PUBLIC RELEASE OFBARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE To: Electoral College, Congress of the United States, Federal Elections Commission, U.S. Supreme Court, President of the United States, other controlling legal authorities Whereas, by requirement of the United States Constitution, Section 2, Article 1, no one can be sworn into office as president of the United States without being a natural born citizen; Whereas, there is sufficient controversy within the citizenry of the United States as to whether presidential election winner Barack Obama was actually born in Hawaii as he claims; Whereas, Barack Obama has refused repeated calls to release publicly his entire Hawaiian birth certificate, which would include the actual hospital that performed the delivery; Whereas, lawsuits filed in several states seeking only proof of the basic minimal standard of eligibility have been rebuffed; Whereas, Hawaii at the time of Obama's birth allowed births that took place in foreign countries to be registered in Hawaii; Whereas, concerns that our government is not taking this constitutional question seriously will result in diminished confidence in our system of free and fair elections; We, the undersigned, assert our rights as citizens of the United States in demanding that the constitutional eligibility requirement be taken seriously and that any and all controlling legal authorities in this matter examine the complete birth certificate of Barack Obama, including the actual city and hospital of birth, and make that document available to the American people for inspection. SIGN THE PETITION! read more | digg story

Supremes to review citizenship arguments - by Bob Unruh

Go Get Him, Supremes! A case that challenges President-elect Barack Obama's name on the 2008 election ballot citing questions over his citizenship has been scheduled for a "conference" at the U.S. Supreme Court. read more | digg story, submitted to by my friend dreamusic

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Audacity of Entitlement

Big Three auto CEOs flew private jets to ask for taxpayer money

(CNN) — Some lawmakers lashed out at the CEOs of the Big Three auto companies Wednesday for flying private jets to Washington to request taxpayer bailout money. “There is a delicious irony in seeing private luxury jets flying into Washington, D.C., and people coming off of them with tin cups in their hand, saying that they’re going to be trimming down and streamlining their businesses,” Rep. Gary Ackerman, D-New York, told the chief executive officers of Ford, Chrysler and General Motors at a hearing of the House Financial Services Committee. >>> Read entire story.

Delicious indeed, These CEO’s have been listing the doom and gloom to befall us if these companies are forced into bankruptcy. Like maybe the tragedy of them being forced to travel like the rest of us, no wonder the UAW has balked about agreeing to anymore concessions. >>> Read more at Anti-Antediluvian digg story, submitted to by oldguy53

Bush: I Quit!

I found this over at the COVERTRESS blog this morning, who had found it at My FOX Colorado, and was apparently sent in an email, author unknown. It's pretty good satire, but also has a lot of truth, when you really think about it. (NOTE ... the email was written before the election.) Cutting to the chase, I love it! So, here's how it begins: Normally, I start these things out by saying 'My Fellow Americans.' Not doing it this time. If the polls are any indication, I don't know who more than half of you are anymore. I do know something terrible has happened, and that you're really not fellow Americans any longer. I'll cut right to the chase here: I quit. Now before anyone gets all in a lather about me quitting to avoid impeachment, or to avoid prosecution or something, let me assure you: There's been no breaking of laws or impeachable offenses in this office. The reason I'm quitting is simple. I'm fed up with you people. I'm fed up because you have no understanding of what's really going on in the world. Or of what's going on in this once-great nation of ours. And the majority of you are too lazy to do your homework and figure it out. - Read the rest here! If you click to read the rest, you'll be treated to special bonus photo when you are there! It gives some extra meaning to this cleverly rousing post. (I'm just trying do the honorable thing and not be swiping all the great stuff COVERTRESS does, as usual, but instead, get you to her site!) And don't forget to digg the story, submitted to by covertress!

Concealed Carry Permits Go ‘Poof!’ in California

In California, Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens unveiled a new policy that could cause “dozens, if not hundreds,” of concealed carry permit holders to lose permits issued by the previous sheriff. Did these law-abiding Orange County citizens do anything illegal, immoral, or unethical to cost them their permits? read more | digg story, submitted to by rhunlimited

When 'fairness' means 'censorship' - By Joseph Farah

Why are Democrats plotting legislation to impose "fairness" and "balance" and "equal time" on broadcasters? Everyone knows the answer to that question. It is transparent. There is one segment of the media not thoroughly dominated by those who support Democrats and their ideology. That one segment is talk radio... Yes, Joseph, I'll fight with you!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

WE are just getting started! Korn's Brian Welch's testimony

Miracles DO happen. Brian Welch, formerly of one of those rock groups that we would dread having our kids listen to, turned to the Lord. Brian chose faith. Sure, most of us could not imagine the kind of life he was going through. But, the truth is, we all have our "tipping points."

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A sneak peak of Glenn Beck's "The Christmas Sweater"

A sneak peak of The Christmas Sweater, Glenn Becks live Christmas tour. Learn more at ...

Also look for Glenn Beck on the Fox News Channel, coming soon! read more | digg story See also: Video: The Christmas Sweater Theater Trailer

Sarah Palin: Moose Shootin’ Mama (Video and Lyrics)

Sarah Palin is a Moose Shootin’ Mama and according to the Moose in Alaska, Washington had better watch out... 2012 will be here before you know it.

read more at Blue Star Chronicles | digg story

Video: The Christmas Sweater Theater Trailer

I just found this important message on the Glenn Beck site: "The Christmas Sweater is coming to a theater near you..." Warning: Your eyes may well up when watching this trailer: read more | digg story UPDATE: You can now see the feed for Glenn Beck Articles at the bottom of all pages here at Blogging In Our Time 2 Escape.

Ayers Insists He's A Sweetheart

Video: William Ayers continues his "Nice Guy" tour and insists that Fox News is the real evil. And the crowd goes wild... Click here to see the video | digg story, submitted to by sdkruiser

The never-ending bailout and the demise of the economy - by Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro says, "They said that the economic crisis was so dire, so grim, that we needed to allow the government to spend our money to bail out Wall Street. They stated that Paulson, with full authority and no oversight, would be able to right the ship... We were ignorant enough to believe them."

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The Obama example - by Joseph Farah

There are only three plausible explanations that Joseph Farah has been able to come up with, as to why Barack Obama steadfastly refuses to produce the portion of his alleged Hawaiian birth certificate that actually shows where he was born. One is that he has something else to hide that would be revealed by making this document public read more | digg story

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

President Obama: A Muslim Prophecy

According to the text that is the foundation of modern Shiite Islam, a prophecy that a tall black man would rule the West portends the coming of the Islamic redeemer. read more | digg story, submitted to by covertress

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Obamacide of the United States of America - by John Kubicek

In a column by Doug Powers this morning, "Life of Riley vs. Life of Brian", I learned a new word: "Obamacide." Now, his use of the word was different than how I am using it. But hey, there are many words that have multiple meanings, right? In the context of this writing, I am using a derivative of the original meaning of the word, coined by Doug.

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Life of Riley vs. Life of Brian - by Doug Powers

Doug writes, "The other day, while cleaning out a closet, I found a VHS copy of the Monty Python comedy 'Life of Brian.' In the film, a man named Brian spends his life being mistaken for the Messiah. The rapid rise of Barack Obama and the quick gathering of his throng of followers immediately sprang to mind."

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RAHM EMANUEL: Ardent Zionist called Obama’s ‘Svengali’.

“Rahm and Barack have a deep history together in Chicago politics. Emanuel has been instrumental in the rise of Barack Obama from neophyte senator to the next president of the United States. Getting virtually no media attention, Rahm Emanuel has been by Obama’s side during most of the last two years on the campaign trail.”

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

no guns - (What the Obama Administration thinks)

covertress says, "Obligatory: I told you so." WARNING: This video contains profanity. This is a great video, up until the very end (and also in it's title). I am very sad that the producer of this video decided to end this with profanity that I can't repeat. I am very sorry about that. Some people don't care if they offend others, apparently. I apoligize for not checking it out completely before I posted this blog.

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USA would be better off if ran like Republican states

Texas Governor Rick Perry tells Newsmax the country would be much better off if it were run like states with Republican governors. He says it's no accident that more Fortune 500 companies are located in his state than any other. Hear his views on the Republican losses and what the GOP should do. He also minces no words about illegal immigration. read more | digg story, submitted to by TheInformer UPDATE 21 NOV 08: It appears, unfortunately, that the Governor Rick Perry interview no longer shows up on the above featured NEWSMAX videos. My apology for that. I will probably avoid blogging any further NEWSMAX videos.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mount Rushmore

Set within the Black Hills in the state of South Dakota is one of the most famous landmarks in the U.S.A., the Mount Rushmore National Memorial: four monumental portraits of the most famous American presidents that have been carved into the granite and symbolize a kind of spectacular tribute to democracy. -- Until now.

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An intense police chase from Canada

I received an email this morning that had this video in it. I still have not figured out why the subject of the email, that had been fwd: several times, said "Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Iowa Police Chase", but the chase was actually in Newfoundland, Canada.... Uh, long way from Iowa... And in the email body, after a million email addresses that spammers could harvest, it says: "This is very intense." Well, even though the subject and the body of the email were completely off the mark, nonetheless, this is incredibly funny, and well worth sharing. Check this out!

“I Am A Student Of History”

Please take the time to read this, & pass it along to your email list, & ask them to read it? We learn just days ago that the Federal Reserve, which has little or no real oversight by anyone, has “loaned” two trillion dollars (that is $2,000,000,000,000) over the past few months, but will not tell us to whom or why or disclose the terms!

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Obama Wants A National Civilian Security Force. We Should All Be Asking….WHY?

Sounds like Hitler's Schutzstaffel (SS).... We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we have set. We’ve gotta have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded….” - Obama read more | digg story, submitted to by shnizep Related Story: Within this post is chilling text from another insightful post by Pat Dollard

The enemy within - By Hilmar von Campe, former Hitler youth

Enemies within are more dangerous than terrorists. People and nations living in moral defeat are blind and therefore cannot detect them and believe their lies. For America, a moral cleanup is essential to overcome the enormous problems we are facing and achieve victory in the global ideological war, which is either freedom or slavery. Related story: Obama Wants A National Civilian Security Force. We Should All Be Asking…WHY?

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Labor's role in Detroit's disaster - by Henry Lamb

Labor unions own far too many politicians. Labor unions, with help from their well-funded and endorsed politicians, have bitten the hand that feeds them. Now the hand, in Detroit, is a bloody nub that can hand out no more food. The root cause of this problem is interference with the free market. Unions and government are the source of this interference.

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'Constitutional crisis' Looming Over 0bama's Birth Location

Alan Keyes lawsuit warns America may see 'usurper' in Oval Office The California secretary of state should refuse to allow the state's 55 Electoral College votes to be cast in the 2008 presidential election until President-elect Barack Obama verifies his eligibility to hold the office, alleges a California court petition filed on behalf of former presidential candidate Alan Keyes and others. read more | digg story

Obama camp: Lawsuits by citizens are 'garbage'

A listing of the different lawsuits going on across the nation and a description of their progress.

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The Internet Is Killing Christianity. Why are Christians not fighting back?

It is obvious the Internet will be the center of our news, television, and gaming (and already is to a large part). With this knowledge, isn't it also obvious that whoever controls the information on the Internet will control the hearts and minds of the people? read more | digg story, submitted to by Junebug75

Why the powerful despise Sarah Palin - by Patrice Lewis

Let's face it, those who are in power hate Sarah. They can't handle the idea of a conservative politician who embodies the hopes and ideals of ordinary people. They hate it when someone actually wants to return power and personal liberties to the American citizens. The liberal elitist media and politicians are scared of ordinary people. Patrice explains how Sarah is different from the rest of the crowd in politics, and why there will be a country looking for somebody like Sarah in four years:

But my interest – the one person so far who has jerked me out of my political apathy – still lies with Sarah Palin. One of the reasons Palin intrigues me, beyond the superficial similarities of our ages and our dazzling good looks (ahem), is because I see Palin as being cut from a different cloth. She is a true conservative, not a namby-pamby-kinder-gentler-big-government Republicrat. She's more Libertarian than Republican. I've heard her called the greatest natural politician since Reagan. So when I see someone like Palin give the entrenched officials in Washington a metaphorical kick in the pants, I want to stand up and cheer. I predict that the next four years are going to be pretty bad. We're dealing with one of the worst economies since the Depression – faults of both the Democrats and the Republicans – and we're facing challenges to our personal freedoms like never before. When many people find out what horrific plans are going to be implemented under the new administration, the messianic message is going to fade fast, to be replaced with fear and loathing (at least among those who value independence). And while all this is happening, Palin will be standing, very quietly, in the wings.

A couple of weeks ago, I heard the radio talk show host Glenn Beck give a warning: When you swing a pendulum too far in one direction, it swings back equally far in the other direction. The next four years will bring unimaginable changes. Will we be attacked by terrorists? Will we enter a recession so deep it might be called a depression? Will our pensions and 401(k)s be taken over by the government? Will firearms be taxed out of existence? How far must the pendulum swing to the left before people realize our country can be saved only by embracing the ideals of our Founding Fathers?

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Obama Youth - by Hal Lindsey

Georgia Rep. Paul Broun formally apologized to his constituents for comments he made concerning Barack Obama's proposed civilian security force. Broun compared it to those of a Marxist dictator. Broun related the historical facts concerning the use of internal security services by both the Nazis and the Soviets pretty accurately.

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Web faux pas: Plan leaked for 'civilian security force'?

Before blogs caught it, Obama site told of requiring students to serve... The official website of President-Elect Barack Obama,, originally announced that Obama would "require" all middle school through college students to participate in community service programs; but after a flurry of blogs protested children being drafted into Obama's proposed youth corps, the website's wording was softened.

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Rahm Emanuel volunteers Americans to do 'a lot'

A video of a 2006 interview with now-Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel for president-elect Barack Obama reveals plans for mandatory induction for all young adults into a civilian "force." This article has audio and video so that you can hear the comments for yourself. read more | digg story, submitted to by Dr Jen

Obama's 'civilian national security force' - by Joseph Farah - July 15, 2008

But what exactly does that mean? Does it mean a police state? That is exactly what a socialist like Obama would put in place, but the lapdog media does not want to know. read more | digg story, submitted to by kittydee1

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Change I Can Believe In - by John Kubicek

A Change I Can Believe In: Glenn Beck is being added to the Fox News Network lineup starting in January 2009. On his very first appearance on the curved couch on Fox & Friends, he makes a great point about what Sarah Palin had to go through with her McCain campaign "handlers." Yeah, good job, McCain campaign. No wonder why Sarah Palin went "rogue"!

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Rino Season Is Now Open - by Ted Nugent

Like any entity that abandons basic quality control, political parties rot from within. It happened to the Democrats long ago, and now has become the case with the Republican Party, which has strayed from its conservative underpinnings. [Editor’s Note: Ted Nugent is Human Event’s first licensed RINO hunter.] read more | digg story, submitted by 84rules

Glenn Beck on The O'Reilly Factor

Glenn Beck talks about Sarah Palin, the future of the Republican Party and his move to Fox News. Recorded November 10, 2008.


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'Republicrats' on hook for loss - by Erik Rush

The Republican Party needs to be fumigated. – Radio talk-show host Glenn Beck, Nov. 11, 2008. Truer words, as they say, have never been spoken. There is no longer room for the country club "Republicrats" ("Republican-Democrats" or "Republican-aristocrats," take your pick), cocktail sipping RINOs, with their lukewarm political philosophy.

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Sarah Palin: "Dumb" like a fox - by Jane Chastain

Anonymous attacks by disgruntled political staffers is nothing new. While the pundits most adored by the Washington media have written Palin's political obituary, she is adored by the rank and file. Ninety-one percent of Republicans have a favorable view of her, and 64 percent say she is their choice for the party's nominee in 2012. You Betcha!

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McCain goes for laughs, defends Palin, on Leno

In his first televised interview after losing the general election to Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, John McCain made a self-deprecating appearance Tuesday evening on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno”. The Arizona Republican revealed that he had no future plans to run for President, defended Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin. He also mentioned that he's been sleeping like a baby. "Sleeps for two hours, wakes up and cries."

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RINO careerists: Nothing more than traitors - By Ellis Washington

Ellis Washington, writes that Republican in name only careerists, are traitors, who resorted to Alinsky [America's protege of Marx] methods of hateful slander in an attempt to destroy Palin. McCain has not defended her, palying along with the liberal agenda. Palin rightly referred to those who attacked her as cowards.

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The Rockefeller Republicans are dead - by Joseph Farah

Farah says, "As I predicted in my book 'None of the Above' [...], not only would the victory of Barack Obama provide an absolutely necessary wakeup call for all freedom-loving Americans, the defeat of John McCain would signal the death of the "Rockefeller Republicans," sometimes known as RINOs -- Republicans in name only.

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'Kill Joe the Plumber' radio host fired

A left-leaning San Francisco radio host who doubles as a columnist for the Huffington Post has been dismissed from his broadcast job for an expletive-laden, on-air diatribe in which he called for the death of "Joe the Plumber." On his own website, Charles Raymond Bouley Jr., more popularly known as Karel, confirmed he was fired.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

McCain Shame - by Joseph Farah

McCain is nothing but a turncoat. Farah exposes once again what a true turncoat McCain is, the latest proof is the way he has handled the Sara Pain attack by his own staff.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Greatest Freedom: One that can never be taken away

One of my great DIGG buddies, Alexander, had a terrific and powerful blog today for Independence day. It awakened me to another revelation, which I expounded on. While we will ALWAYS be free to live for the Lord Jesus, will we always have the freedom to spread the message to the World? It me realize how important our freedom, as we know it, is. read more | digg story

Watch church lady meet same-sex 'marriage' protesters

"A video has been posted on the Internet revealing a mob of pro-homosexual 'marriage' activists protesting California's approval of a state constitutional amendment limiting marriage to one man and one woman attacking an elderly bespectacled woman carrying a cross."~ wtfu on QUOTE from the WorldNetDaily column by Bob Unruh: That's where the anchor concludes the report with: "There's a lot of anger and a lot of hate, quite honestly, on both sides."

That anchor man was so wrong, quite honestly! It sounded to me like an anchor man that wanted to keep his job. His statement was clearly contrary to what really happened. In my observation, I only saw hate on one side, and I watched this clip a few times. It wasn't the church lady spewing hatred. read more | digg story

Oh, wait, there is an UPDATE to this story:

(Hopefully, I will get it right this time....)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sarah Palin should just say NO to Oprah

Back during the general election Oprah Winfrey declined to interview Sarah Palin because "she wanted to keep her show free from politics." Oprah had Obama on twice and his wife too. Palin should do every interview except the Oprah one. She should deny any contact with Oprah or her people.

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Dissent From Day One

I found this on the COVERTRESS blog today. I had to share it on this blog. I remember when I saw this scene at the theatre. I was very spooked by it. This part of the movie gave me nightmares. Thanks to covertress, now I know why!

Video provided by ChrisNahrgang on Jan 29, 2008

Hoist the Colours

Yo, ho, haul together, hoist the colours high.
Heave ho, thieves and beggars, never shall we die.
The king and his men stole the queen from her bed
and bound her in her bones.
The seas be ours and by the powers where we will we'll roam.
Yo, ho, all hands, hoist the colours high.
Heave ho, thieves and beggars, never shall we die.
Some men have died and some are alive
and others sail on the sea with the keys to the cage...
and the Devil to pay we lay to Fiddler's Green!
The bell has been raised from it's watery grave...
Do you hear it's sepulchral tone? We are a call to all,
pay head the squall and turn your sail toward home!
Yo, ho, haul together, hoist the colours high.
Heave ho, thieves and beggars, never shall we die.
There is something you can do. Share this "story" with people, as many as you can. It is time to wake up, America! I have to wonder if this scene was part of the movie for a reason, beyond just making it a very spookie sequel of Pirates of the Carribean. I just wonder how many other parts of this movie also point to things that we need to be aware of, you know, like subliminal messages. I just have to hand it to covertress for pointing us to this short segment. There is more to this particular blog, so be sure to click on the appropriate link below. And then, if you are a digg user, be sure to click on that link below, too! We need to spread this around like wildfire.
Right now. Let's roll.
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Piling on Palin - by Vox Day

The defeat of John McCain in last week's election cannot have come as a surprise to anyone. Having won the nomination by outlasting a series of similarly liberal Republicans, McCain's campaign was going nowhere until he selected Sarah Palin as his running mate. Now, the elite in the GOP is out to destroy her, as she is an obvious choice in 2012.

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Today we are all Barney the dog - by Doug Powers

Video by April D. Ryan

Last week we witnessed a watershed moment in American politics, an event that somehow helped erase past injustices, leaving in its historic wake a feeling of genuine optimism that had many of us exuberantly repeating that familiar slogan, "Yes we can!" Doug is of course referring to President Bush's dog, Barney, biting a reporter on the finger. read more | digg story Related Story: FIRST DOG BARNEY GIVES IT TO A REPORTER - April D. Ryan, 6 NOV 08

Time for a new movement - By Joseph Farah

Changing times call for changing strategies. The times have changed as we saw with the election. Business as usual will not be enough to preserve liberty in America. Conservatism is a purely defensive political movement for a more innocent time. It's time for a much more radical, bold and courageous approach to taking America back. One of the parts of this column that I loved the most is the following:
One more thing: Don't sit around waiting for a leader to emerge to start the movement and to give you marching orders. YOU are the leader. YOU are in charge of your family. YOU need to practice self-government if you want to see self-government spread. YOU are the leader you have been waiting for. Make change happen in your life, in your family, in your community and that movement will spread like wildfire across this country.
Joseph, nobody could have said it better. Just so Mr. Farah knows, it has already started. There are a bunch of us who are already doing it. I'm one of them. read more | digg story

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Bin Laden Planning to Out-Do Sept. 11 Attack

Osama bin Laden is planning an attack against the United States that will "outdo by far" September 11, an Arab newspaper in London has reported.
And according to a former senior Yemeni al-Qaeda operative, the terrorist organization has entered a "positive phase", reinforcing specific training camps around the world that will lead the next "wave of action" against the West.
The warning, on the front page of an Arabic newspaper published in London, Al-Quds Al-Arabi - and widely reported in the major Italian papers - quotes a person described as being "very close to al-Qaeda" in Yemen.
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Warning of new bin Laden attack - Paola Totaro, London, November 10, 2008

FROM THE ASHES .... the ModCons

Hey, calling all conservatives!! The yidwithlid blog has a link to join an online community to join together and take back our nation!

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Majority fools... - by Mark Alexander

Regarding constitutional liberty, Obama has twice taken an oath to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic" and to "bear true faith and allegiance to the same." He does not honor that oath because he subscribes to the errant notion of a "Living Constitution" read more | digg story, submitted by a great patriot, rjwusa.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Dreams of a Community Organizer for Conservatives

Who says that people can't rise to the top regardless of all of the barriers. Barack Obama has proved that it could be done, and became the President-elect, even with a bi-racial background. "Joe the Plumber" became a spokesman for the Republican campaign late in the last election cycle. Gov. Sarah Palin went from soccer mom to Governor. Believe! WARNING: This column may contain parody and profound thoughts that morons... sorry, that isn't politically correct. I meant to say, "uninformed morons", will probably not understand.

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The Future of the Right

Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber were the two best things that happened to John McCain's campaign. With the election over, conservatives are now working to set the record straight: conservatism wins every time its tried.

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Glenn Beck: And the Palin bashing begins

Glenn Beck's interview of Erick Erickson. He is with and working on Project Leper. ERICKSON: Project Leper, there's this effort underway right now, McCain staffers who are trying to hitch their ride to a 2012 candidate already are out just smearing Sarah Palin. The leaks they are going with as well are so absurd...They're just bizarre.

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Obama aims to silence conservatives on talk radio

Democrat Henry Rivera, a former commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission, is expected to head President-elect Barack Obama's FCC transition team, a move that has sparked fear in media circles that the Fairness Doctrine may return to silence conservative talk radio. UPDATE! Related story! Be sure to watch the following video:

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McCain T-shirt gets man cuffed, stuffed.

A man wearing a McCain-Palin T-shirt during a Philadelphia celebration on election night was arrested, cuffed and stuffed into a police cruiser, and supporters said it was for no more than wearing the endorsement of the GOP nominees for president and vice-president. This is the kind of thing that happens when we lose our freedom of speech.

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