Friday, July 04, 2008

The Greatest Freedom

"The freedom we are offered in America is a blessing. However, where does my greatest freedom come from?" - AlexanderWrites I can always count on my friend Alexander to write wonderful, inspirational pieces like the one linked to today, "The Greatest Freedom". What an excellent way to start my day! What Alexander reminded me of today is that there is a freedom that can not ever be taken away from us. While there has been many doom-and-gloomers out here in Cyber-Land - me included - that feel our freedoms in America are being incrementally taken away from us, this is not one that ANYONE can take away. We will always have a way, if we have the willingness, to follow the Lord Jesus in our lives. There is no way that can ever be taken away from us! You will always have the freedom to choose to follow the Lord Jesus. However, the problem is that, in various circumstances, there may eventually be detrimental consequences for making that choice. Many will unfortunately be deterred from making the right choice. While I don't want to sound dramatic, I need you to know something. There may be a day when we will lose a vital freedom. Our freedom of speech is being feverishly attacked; there are those that will attempt to eliminate our ability to evangelize to bring the Good News of what Jesus has done for us. And that is why, with the utmost urgency, the Warriors of the Lord must now do all we can to bring many more souls to Jesus. We may always have the freedom to choose the Lord, we may be hindered from sharing our message. So, now IS the time! read more | digg story

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  1. Great call to action! ...and thanks! Happy Independence!