Saturday, October 31, 2015

IRS target: 'Justice in their hands is a mockery ~ By Greg Corombos

'Americans have had enough' of 'arrogant and corrupt administration'
"Absolutely. The Department of Justice, those are the attorneys that are defending the IRS in court. The thought that they would be the ones to head up an investigation makes a mockery of the process," said Englebrecht, who argued that the obvious decision should have been to appoint a special counsel to investigate that case, but the Obama administration wanted no part of that.

"A special prosecutor should have been assigned to this at the outset, and there is only one reason why that didn't occur," she said. "They didn't want the answers. If you don't want the answers, you engineer the system to not ask the questions. That's exactly what we've seen play out."
You will want to listen to the WND/Radio America interview with True the Vote President Catherine Englebrecht:

Catherine talks about how Obama's administration relies on fear, intimidation, and that Americans have a short memory. Well, the low-info voters have a short memory, that is, if they even know about the IRS targeting scandal! Remember what Catherine Englebrecht says: "The power really does rest with the people." And in my humble opinion, the power comes from taking the time to educate ourselves. Just sayin'...

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IRS target: 'Justice in their hands is a mockery

On Friday, the Justice Department announced it was closing its investigation of former IRS official

Lois Lerner and would not be filing any charges, chalking up the scandal instead to mismanagement. However, the head of one of the grassroots organizations that endured unwarranted scrutiny by the IRS

says the decision is simply more proof of a…

America's uprising against insiders and media ~ By Armstrong Williams

Armstrong Williams says press has 'totally lost touch with reality'
Make no mistake about it: This is the year of the outsider. Dr. Ben Carson and Donald Trump are not going away. Mainstream candidates will not be able to carry this election, despite the best efforts of their friends in the mainstream media. The people are in an uprising against the status quo, and the uprising won’t be stopped, muted or co-opted, as it has been in the past. People want something radically different. It is high time the mainstream media get used to it.
I know what Armstrong is saying, but I don't think that the Washington insider label applies to Senators Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio as much as it would to many of the current and former governors still seeking the GOP nomination for President. I have to believe that when the establishment candidates and media are bashing them, it shows Cruz and Rubio may be the true Conservatives we are looking for. It virtually proves it, actually. In that MSM joke they called a "debate," hosted by CNBC, both Cruz and Rubio managed to show the backbone to stand up to the Establishment media and politicians.

I should just say thank you to CNBC for doing the lousy job in hosting the latest GOP debate, which made it possible to see the qualities of the two GOP candidates they love to disparage and ignore. Just sayin'...


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America's uprising against insiders and media
The latest Republican primary debate, moderated by CNBC, provided the clearest evidence yet of how disconnected the mainstream media have become in this country. The debate was full of petty provocations, irrelevant topics (should the government regulate fantasy football, really?!) and loaded "gotcha" interrogation-style questions that bared the media's consistently liberal bias and smug disregard for…

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Washington Post dubs CNBC loser of debate ~ By Cheryl Chumley

'It veered occasionally into gotcha territory'
Others on social media felt similarly.

Who are these anchors on CNBC? They might need additional training. This is rough,” tweeted one.

Another, as reported by Mediaite: “CNBC doing a great job of reminding viewers why they don’t watch CNBC.”

Another: “‘Daddy can you fast forward to the debate?’ – 5 year old watching CNBC now.
As I was watching the GOP Debate with the (currently) top 10 candidates, I was flabbergasted by the unprofessional demeanor of the faux moderators from CNBC. They're lack of ability to come up with intelligent questions would make anybody think they were watching a game show. And that was just my opinion BEFORE I saw any post-debate analysis by any news networks (besides CNBC)! I didn't have to be a media analyst or political pundit to know that the pseudo moderators had an agenda. They showed their leftist bias on steroids.  You know what I'm saying!

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Washington Post dubs CNBC loser of debate

Debate moderators Carl Quintanilla, left, Becky Quick, center, and John Harwood appear during the CNBC Republican presidential debate at the University of Colorado (Fox News) Thursday's feedback on the third Republican presidential candidates' debate wasn't pretty for CNBC, with Twitter going wild on the perceived juvenile quality of the moderators and even the liberal Washington Post…

Kaboom! Cruz launches missile at debate hosts ~ By Paul Bremmer

'Illustrate why the American people don't trust the media'
"Let me say something at the outset,” Cruz began. “The questions that have been asked so far in this debate illustrate why the American people don’t trust the media."
The mean-spirited character assassins (pseudo debate moderators) of the CNBC network hosting the GOP debate were not asking any questions of substance, but instead, tried to nail the Republican candidates with a "gotcha" interrogation. With the very first question being, "What is your biggest weakness?", and followed by even dumber questions meant to make the candidates look bad, Ted Cruz finally went off on the pseudo moderators. See the video below:

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Kaboom! Cruz launches missile at debate hosts

By Paul Bremmer Ted Cruz eviscerated the CNBC moderators early in Wednesday night's Republican presidential debate at the University of Colorado in Boulder. The Texas senator was asked about his opposition to a proposed deal that would raise the debt limit and authorize higher spending. It also would prevent a shutdown of government operations. Instead of…

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Can nothing stop the Clintons? ~ By Morgan Brittany

Morgan Brittany wonders if Bill & Hill will ever be held accountable
Her nomination and eventual presidency has been a set up from the get-go. Anyone who doesn’t see it has to be blind, and the sad thing is that it doesn’t look like anything can be done about it. The fix has been in for years, and that’s why the Democratic Party has no viable candidate running except her. Jim Webb knows it, Chaffee knows it (both of whom have dropped out of the race), even Bernie Sanders knows that he is just there as a sham candidate. The media will continue its fake reporting, gushing over how wonderfully presidential she is and pretending that this is an actual election. As such, it’s obvious that there is nothing to stop this inevitable victory except an act of God.
Morgan Brittany
I have to feel sorry for Democrats. For, in the 2016 Election, who do they have to choose from? Bernie Sanders, an admitted Socialist, far to the left of all other candidates? Or, the predetermined nominee of the Democrat Party for the coming 2016 election, with a mainstream media that sees Mrs. Clinton with the nomination already in the bag?

There are many in the Leftstream media that also believe Hillary's coronation is in the bag, not only as the Democrat nominee, but also the clear winner in the 2016 election. Unfortunately for Republicans, it brings up a problem just the opposite of what the Democrats are going through with no OTHER choice besides Hillary. The Republicans have a lot of choices remaining even after several candidates have dropped out of the nomination process, or will soon. In a column from two days ago, Mychal Massie had to go and remind the Republicans that the right Conservative candidate needs to be nominated, or it will just be one more election where we have to choose between two evils. The Republican voters are very wary of "establishment" candidates, and if one gets the nomination, we know who will win, because many Republicans will just stay home and not bother to vote.

Meanwhile, the Democrats have figured out a way to get their base out to vote no matter who they nominate to run. Yes, even if it's Hillary. (That tactic could backfire if it also gets the Libertarian voters out to vote.)

And the sad point of Morgan's column and what I have to say here is that despite all that is known and unknown about the Clintons, Hillary in particular, that there is a danger that she could be sitting in the Oval Office and making our lives even more miserable than we are now.  You know what I'm sayin'...

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Can nothing stop the Clintons?

I must admit that in all of my years on this earth I have never seen two people get away with more lies, obfuscation and corruption than Bill and Hillary Clinton. After listening to her 11 hours of testimony about Benghazi this week, I was sure that some way, somehow she would be held accountable for…

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

VIDEO: The Democrat's Devious Ballot Initiatives for Pot Legalization

This story just might take you by surprise. After I saw it, I realized that it was a "no-brainer" (literally), being...

Posted by Johnny2k's America on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

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Voters: Stop letting fear motivate you ~ By Mychal Massie

Exclusive: Mychal Massie urges Americans to learn from past generations
Making a statement one day and then spending the next day explaining what they said is not what they meant – that's no different than Obama's deceit. America needs a leader who doesn't have to rehearse the truth. America needs a leader who believes in the greatness of the American people, not the government. America needs to be a people who have learned from the mistakes of the past.
Mychal Massie

Mychal Massie explains that the voters in America are afraid to vote for the candidates that actually CAN and WILL make a difference. As he says, the lesser of two evils is still evil!

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Voters: Stop letting fear motivate you

While I am inclined to disagree in large part with the late Prussian statesman Otto Eduard Leopold, aka Otto von Bismarck, the one thing I cannot disagree with are his words: "Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others." Our Founding Fathers learned from the governmental tyranny…

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Netanyahu tells truth about mufti's role in Holocaust ~ By Pamela Geller

Exclusive: Pamela Geller defends Bibi against onslaught of media attacks
Netanyahu did the world a great service by calling attention to this. The intensity of the attacks against him only testifies to how much he struck a nerve. In the mainstream media, Islam and Muslims must never, ever be criticized.
Pamela Geller is probably on an enemies list for what she writes here, not to mention other columns she has written. Because I am re-posting this column, I am sure I'll also be on an enemies list. But the question is, which enemy list? That of an Islamic organization? A liberal media organization? A George Soros institution? Obama's minions?  Whatever... I'm pretty sure there's already a list with my name on it, somewhere. Well, I'm just one more person that hasn't drank their Koolaid and I'm not afraid to get the truth out. Just sayin'...

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Netanyahu tells truth about mufti's role in Holocaust

The condemnations have been way over the top: Benjamin Netanyahu is being denounced by the media and political elites all over the world, in a way that the openly genocidal jihadist Mahmoud Abbas never has been. Netanyahu's crime? He told the Zionist Congress last Tuesday, "Hitler didn't want to exterminate the Jews at the time; he…

Sunday, October 18, 2015

How to be subversive ~ By Patrice Lewis

Exclusive: Patrice Lewis reveals what habit makes her family 'domestic terrorists'

Okay, am I the only one that notices a paradox here? I hope not, because it should at least make you wonder about what Patrice is saying, and that she is saying it in a public forum. To me, it seems to be a contradiction to have a phobia about being tracked and controlled by the government, but then write a column that may get the attention of those in the government that track and control people. Just sayin'...

How to be subversive

Sssshhhhhh. I have a secret, something I can't let the government know about. It's something incredibly subversive, certainly seditious, possibly traitorous, and maybe soon to be illegal. Ready? Here's my secret: We use ... gasp ... cash for almost all our transactions. Shocking, I know. Oddly enough, the trigger for our rapid transition to an all-cash…

Friday, October 16, 2015

New Obama czar will hunt 'right-wing' extremists ~ By Leo Hohmann

Americans seen as possibly more threatening than Islamic jihadists

While this information will upset many of us, regarding the targeting of "right-wing extremists" in a new wing of the Justice Department, when I read the entire column, I discovered an even deeper threat!
Whitehead, author of “Battlefield America: The War on the American People,” said he believes the new czar over homegrown violent extremism will work in tandem with the Strong Cities Network announced late last month at the United Nations.

It’s going to be coordinated somehow with the Strong Cities Network. What you’re going to see is, they’re going to federalize police across the country,” said [John] Whitehead. “They’re already doing it. Ten federal agents have recently moved in to the Oakland Police Department, and they study social media, create algorithms, studying and creating profiles.
Patriotic citizens who are labeled as "sovereign citizens" are among the groups determined to be extremists! That seems to fit in with what John Whitehead discusses in his book that is mentioned above.

Beware, my fellow Americans, Barack Obama only has a year and a few months left for him to totally transform America. If all that is told about in this column is accurate, those of us that are vocal about the situation would be deemed suspicious and/or enemies of the state. Notorious leaders of the past and present have been very good at getting public opinion to turn against the very people that are trying to protect their freedoms. Just sayin'...

Please note:  While I am still learning the intricacies of using the repubhub method of sharing articles from WND, I may not always get things right at first, as far as formatting, etc.  It's still new for me, but the learning curve will soon be ascending.

New Obama czar will hunt 'right-wing' extremists
Loretta Lynch's Justice Department will place new emphasis on home-grown violent extremism committed by so-called ‘right wing' attackers. Just two weeks after it announced a plan to globalize local police departments through the "Strong Cities Network," the Obama administration has added a new tool in its fight against "violent extremism." A new position within the Justice…

Saturday, October 03, 2015

VIDEO: Obama politicizes school shooting before the shooter is even known!

Obama politicizes the Oregon school shooting at UCC (a community college) before any information about the shooter is...
Posted by Johnny2k's America on Friday, October 2, 2015


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As an additional feature here on Blogging In Our Time 2 Escape, this blog will be including videos that have been posted on the johnny2k's America Facebook page! Videos can sometimes say more than what can be expressed in text.  Be sure to visit the archive with hundreds of videos to peruse.

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