Saturday, October 31, 2015

America's uprising against insiders and media ~ By Armstrong Williams

Armstrong Williams says press has 'totally lost touch with reality'
Make no mistake about it: This is the year of the outsider. Dr. Ben Carson and Donald Trump are not going away. Mainstream candidates will not be able to carry this election, despite the best efforts of their friends in the mainstream media. The people are in an uprising against the status quo, and the uprising won’t be stopped, muted or co-opted, as it has been in the past. People want something radically different. It is high time the mainstream media get used to it.
I know what Armstrong is saying, but I don't think that the Washington insider label applies to Senators Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio as much as it would to many of the current and former governors still seeking the GOP nomination for President. I have to believe that when the establishment candidates and media are bashing them, it shows Cruz and Rubio may be the true Conservatives we are looking for. It virtually proves it, actually. In that MSM joke they called a "debate," hosted by CNBC, both Cruz and Rubio managed to show the backbone to stand up to the Establishment media and politicians.

I should just say thank you to CNBC for doing the lousy job in hosting the latest GOP debate, which made it possible to see the qualities of the two GOP candidates they love to disparage and ignore. Just sayin'...


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America's uprising against insiders and media
The latest Republican primary debate, moderated by CNBC, provided the clearest evidence yet of how disconnected the mainstream media have become in this country. The debate was full of petty provocations, irrelevant topics (should the government regulate fantasy football, really?!) and loaded "gotcha" interrogation-style questions that bared the media's consistently liberal bias and smug disregard for…

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