Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Voter’s Remorse: The wake-up call that came too late ~ By John Kubicek

Voters in America made a huge mistake in November of 2008. Unfortunately, it seems that people either were unaware, or they didn't care. Electing Barack Obama was supposed to be a way to "heal the nation" and show our remorse for all the bad things that this country had done... Oh, give me a break. In the this column, there is no doubt that I am letting people know that they may have made a mistake that won't be easily corrected, as in returning a product by USPS priority shipping. It ain't that easy this time.
We live in the Information Age, people! You can’t tell me that you missed all the signs of the kind of person Barack Obama is! But yet, he won the election. And now, the look of shock on people’s faces while they find out what this spooky, creepy clown doll is trying to do to this country. Sorry, you can’t just throw him in a box and have the mail carrier pick him up. That would be easy.
By John Kubicek

Please see the video that inspired this piece:

There are times when we buy things and find out soon that the product didn’t live up to our expectations. For an item we purchased on line, we may need to ship it back to the seller. That is where an ad campaign by the United States Postal Service (USPS) comes in: “Shipping is easy,” they say. In one of their best ads, which came out shortly after Christmas, it was about a case of buyer’s remorse. A family had ordered a creepy clown doll online. They wanted to return it. The star of the USPS ads tells them, “shipping it back is easy.” But the best part was when he tells them, “Come on, it’s not that bad,” right before he looks down and sees the creepy clown doll now standing at the doorway. And then in shock, he says, “Oh, yeah, that’s gotta go!”

Buyer’s remorse for those that purchase creepy clown dolls online is one thing. In most cases, defective products can be fixed or returned (unless it’s a Toyota).

The problem is, it can be a whole different deal when it comes to Voter’s Remorse. You may want to say, “Oh, yeah, that’s gotta go!” but it may not be all that easy. As so many people have learned throughout history, dictators are pretty hard, if not impossible without outside assistance, to get rid of.


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