Sunday, March 21, 2010

Progressive control-freaks ~ By Henry Lamb

Henry gives us a pretty strong warning about what is going to happen when ObamaCare is passed today.
It's almost as if the U.S. Constitution did not exist. The congressional powers enumerated in Article I, Section 8, have, for all practical purposes, been erased. The Fourth Amendment, which guarantees security from government without a warrant, is routinely ignored. The Tenth Amendment, which reserves all powers not granted to the federal government to the states and to the people, has been rendered meaningless.

Unless this entire crowd of progressive control-freaks is booted well beyond the D.C. Beltway in the next election, America will continue to spiral downward, deeper into a government-controlled hell-hole.
By Henry Lamb

Posted: March 20, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

Whether they are called Democrats, socialists, Marxists or progressives, the current leadership in Washington has but one goal: control. The current leadership has demonstrated its belief that government must control virtually every facet of the economy, of politics and the life of every citizen.

With unprecedented arrogance, this leadership manufactured nearly $2 trillion with which to exercise its control over the banking industry, the auto industry and over virtually every other entity that was persuaded to take the federal handouts. Government is now firmly in control and working overtime to expand its control.

Since the turn of the 20th century, progressives have championed the idea of universal health care delivered by government. No other program touches so many lives with such absolute control as does the delivery of health care. When government is in control, it is government that decides what services and procedures will be provided, to whom and when. When government is in control, it is government that decides how much doctors and nurses will be paid, how much hospitals will be paid and how much will be paid for drugs.

People who have been disappointed by the brick wall an insurance company can build will not believe the impenetrable barrier government can build when a bureaucracy is in control. In a free market, there is always another insurance company; when government is in control, there is no alternative.

Government control doesn't end with health care. The feds are taking control over student loans. On the pretext of eliminating profit of the greedy bankers, the federal government will begin making loans directly to students. Some shallow thinkers may welcome this progressive innovation – until the government begins directing students into fields of study of the government's choosing. When government is the only lender, it is a simple matter to make funds available for those subjects the government wants to promote and deny funds for study in those fields the government wants to discourage.


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