Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hal Lindsey: U.S. Seeks Regime Change

You will appreciate what Hal says in this video about the fact that Benjamin Netanyahu is battle-hardened, and the Obama Administration will not be able to get rid of him in their desire for an Israeli regime change.

If you are paying attention, you've probably heard about the flack regarding the building of more housing units - in a Jewish neighborhood in East Jerusalem, one that wasn't even controversial as far as previously established agreements go. Now, the delivery bunker-buster bombs (so that Israel can take out Iranian nuclear targets) is being delayed.

We can all be pretty sure that Jeremiah Wright is proud of the President.

Thanks to BPTBlog at Twitter for bringing this story and video to our attention!

March 26, 2010 - Hal Lindsey - U.S. Seeks Regime Change

Hal comments on the delay of weapons delivery to Israel - a deal that was made in 2008. Yet another sign that Obama has no plans to continue our long-standing relationship with Israel.

Video provided by OmniChristianVids2

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