Thursday, March 11, 2010

Radio legend to run for president?

Looking for somebody that you would like to see run for President in 2012? Somebody that isn't a professional politician, and that you could trust to be honest? Well, if your answers to these questions is "yes," then check this out!
"I have historically remained non-partisan, but as long as the United States remains a two-party system, it's increasingly hard to tell the difference between Republicans and Democrats. People are looking for someone in government to tell them the truth – we need that now more than ever," he said.
'I would not hesitate to make my birth certificate available'

Posted: March 09, 2010 ~ 10:03 pm Eastern

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Applicants for the Oval Office in 2012 already have begun lining up, just one year into President Obama's term, amid CBS poll results that overwhelming flunk the first-term Democrat and show a majority of Americans opposed to Obama's No. 1 agenda item – nationalized health care.

Among the possible candidates is Coast to Coast AM radio talk-show host George Noory, who told WND right away that there would be no questions about his eligibility as there are about Obama's qualifications under the Constitution's requirement that a president be a "natural born citizen."

"I was born in Detroit, Mich., in 1950, and I would not hesitate to make my birth certificate available to every member of the media," he said.

Obama has faced a long list of legal and other challenges alleging he either was not born in Hawaii as he has stated, or that he was not qualified because of his father's foreign citizenship at his birth.

Several of the challenges still are pending in various appellate level courts, and there has begun a move among the states to require candidates for the office of president to provide documentation of eligibility before being allowed on state ballots.

"I have never run for political office," he said, "but every night I am reaching out to millions of Americans on the radio and I am deeply concerned that the middle class of the United States is being sold out to multi-national corporations with a globalist agenda.


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