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Obama: Visions of Caesar? ~ By Erik Rush

Erik writes about something that I've felt for quite some time. I honestly have to wonder if Obama is intentionally destroying the economy to create a "crisis." And maybe I need to be wearing my tin-foil hat, but I think the ultimate purpose is to go to a New World Order. I know that there are many on the left that want global governance. And I know many of them are in Congress or working in the White House.
I've expressed my belief in the possibility that, given President Obama's political background and the number of power-mad freaks in Washington in general, his intention is to coordinate a societal breakdown (probably precipitated by an economic implosion) so horrendous that unprecedented government intervention on a civil level will be "unavoidable."

By Erik Rush

Posted: March 11, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

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If your friend jumped off of a bridge, would you jump too?

~ Parental admonition
Many of us remember an older relative – usually one's mother – asking that question at least once during our childhoods when we did – or wanted to do – something stupid or dangerous and attempted to deflect the blame onto a cohort. Since I grew up in New York, of course it was always the Empire State Building rather than a bridge.

Urged on by those who thought it would be amusing, some years back, America's friend Europe jumped into the sociopolitical equivalent of a toilet. At first, it looked like Europe might be having fun splashing around in there. Now, as she drowns in the thickening, fetid soup, amidst the noxious reek and floaties, Europe's plight is beginning to look decidedly frightening.

Despite this, Europe herself doesn't seem to know yet how bad it might get – like, real "Road Warrior" stuff – as she struggles harder and with increasing ineffectiveness. And right now, those who urged Europe to jump have America on the fence as to whether she ought to do likewise.

America is clearly confused.

What gives pause is something that would give millions of Americans chills, if it were being covered at all by the establishment press, this being that Europe is in serious trouble – even worse than that of the United States, if that is to be believed. In Greece, the yawning chasm of its deficit and titanic debt have caused ugly strikes among public-sector workers, and Greeks are angry.

In Holland, fear and loathing over where multiculturalists have taken that nation (stemming largely from their population of radicalized, militant Muslims asserting themselves) are giving rise to social turmoil. Backlash from the right (or what Europeans call "the right") and the ongoing efforts of socialist concerns are threatening to pull the country apart.

In America, during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, the administration of President Barack Obama elected to spend over $3 trillion in nine months – and they are looking at laying out much, much more. They're also poised to raise taxes, when the conventional wisdom indicates that cutting taxes generates more tax revenue than raising them. Obama is doggedly attempting to "lower health-care costs" by insinuating massive government control into our health-care system, when government mandates concerning a segment of our population caused health-care costs to skyrocket for the remaining segment in the first place.


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