Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sarah Palin’s Loyalty is a Feature, Not a Bug ~ By Jenn Q. Public

I had been wondering about Sarah's support for John McCain, especially in reference to supporting the RINO rather than the Conservative J. D. Hayworth. However, after reading this short column, I can now understand the pickle that Sarah Palin was in.
That lesson about loyalty stuck with Palin. Choosing to support John McCain in the face of significant conservative opposition might not win Sarah Palin accolades for Beltway political savvy, but it says quite a bit about her character.
By Jenn Q. Public

March 27, 2010

When it comes to John McCain, Sarah Palin just can’t win.

Campaigning for the man who catapulted her onto the national stage has prompted some McCain detractors to demote her from conservative rock star to unprincipled RINO sell-out. But were she to snub her former running mate, she’d be branded a disloyal backstabbing ingrate.

There’s no question McCain’s campaign staff repeatedly smeared Palin to distract from their own ineptitude. And once or twice, McCain experienced Bidenesque foot-in-mouth disease when discussing Palin with interviewers. But author Shushanna Walshe notes there are “no hard feelings between the former GOP presidential and vice-presidential nominees, even after all the public warring continues between some of McCain’s closest advisers and Palin.”


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