Thursday, March 25, 2010

To leftists, dissent equals hate ~ By Phil Elmore

Phil exposes the truth about the progressives, and what they are saying about the tea party movement. Dissent is mistaken for something violent that really isn't happening.
Look beyond the hypocrisy and the lies of the "progressives" and you will see a simple truth. To "hate" a socialist, all you must do is disagree with him. To argue with him is to "threaten" him. To the leftist, dissent is an act of violence. He sees every opposing opinion as a brick through his window.
By Phil Elmore

Posted: March 25, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

"In case anyone thought this was about [health-care reform]," sneered a popular progressive novelist on his Twitter page. He was "retweeting" – sending again to his own followers on this popular social networking site – the assertion that tea-party protesters (speaking out against the inexorable, impending doom that is Obama's nationalizing of a breathtaking percentage of the American economy) had shouted racist and sexual epithets at lawmakers.

The implication is, of course, that the protests weren't against socialized medicine and government power-grabs at all. No, according to the hand-wringing, wide-eyed, incredulous progressives, standing on the sidelines with their bottom lips trembling, the protests were an orgy of racist hatred, a tsunami of barely contained rage washing over the poor, innocent masses working earnestly toward a re-imagination of government second only to the civil-rights movement itself. Why, what manner of blackguard, what kind of monster, could possibly oppose free health care for all? Such a person must surely be motivated by a desire to choke the breath from those he irrationally despises, if only from the sheer meanness that popular culture teaches us motivates the shriveled hearts of Republicans, conservatives and libertarians. Why, these naysayers would have the less fortunate lying dead and dying in the streets if they had their way – even as these same villains struggle to shunt the black ichor they call blood through bodies shrunken and desiccated by miserly pettiness and greed.

Have you had enough of this tripe yet?

Far worse than the technology of libel is the technology of marginalization. It is a latter-day scarlet letter designed to make dissenters unpersons. Because it is a function of emotion, this brand is immune to reason. Because it is unsubstantiated, it cannot be refuted. Because it is invective hurled at the whim of the "victim," it is a rhetorical ploy that becomes "real" only insofar as it is believed. In our media-driven, multimedia-saturated, technologically drenched culture, it is believed because it is repeated, ad nauseam and without critical analysis, by legions of pop-culture drones who lean left only because they lack the intelligence, the willpower or the independence of thought to examine their beliefs against even the flimsiest of logical standards.

The scarlet letter of which I speak is the branding of all dissent, all opposition to Barack Hussein Obama and his progressives, as racism or, worse, as the raving of violent killers who must be stopped before they hurt someone. These are classic techniques of marginalization – the redefining of one's political enemies as something less than legitimate. If the progressives, if the liberals, if the leftists, if the socialists succeed in painting their ideological opponents as irrational, the reasoned arguments (not to mention the points of constitutional law) brought up by conservatives and libertarians need not even be considered. They can be dismissed outright – and if the socialists further succeed in redefining their enemies as violent criminals, all opposition to Barack Hussein Obama can be effectively silenced as illegal and as a danger to the public.

The technological branding of Republicans, conservatives and libertarians as violent racists began with the crocodile tears forced from the surgically paralyzed, bug-eyed mask worn by Nancy Pelosi. Meanwhile, progressives were desperately trying to claim, however disingenuously, that "socialist" was the new "n-word." The drumbeat of dissent-equals-dangerous-racism has continued throughout the long, grinding months of argument over Obamacare, as Obama tried multiple times to declare, autocratically and unilaterally, that the time for debate was over and that the proles had best fall into line behind his bright, shiny new future of hope and change.


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