Monday, March 15, 2010

All issues are 'social issues' ~ By Joseph Farah

Those on left are trying their hardest to divide the TEA Party movement. Joseph Farah writes about the "social issues" that unites the TEA Party and Conservative movements.
I know the heart and soul of the tea-party movement.
It is populated by people who think just like I do about these big issues. It is a movement of prayerful people, people who love God, people who go to church and synagogue. And it is a movement of people who revere the Constitution. It is not just a movement founded upon issues of materialism and economics.

Furthermore, I would submit to you that "all issues are social issues." The great economic plundering taking place by a rapacious government and the elite they serve is a "social issue." The victims are people. Private property rights is a "social issue." Equal protection under the law is a "social issue." The rule of law is a "social issue."

And, most of all, the will of the people is a "social issue."
By Joseph Farah

Posted: March 15, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

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Just as many Americans don't understand the left-right political spectrum extends from totalitarian government control on the left to anarchy on the right, there's much confusion over the phony divide between "economic issues" and "social issues."

A story in last week's edition of Politico attempts to stir up conflict between what it calls the "evangelical right" and the tea-party movement. I am certain it will be the first of many like it in media determined to see an end to both movements.

"A reeling economy and the massive bank bailout and stimulus plan were the triggers for a resurgence in support for the Republican Party and the rise of the tea-party movement," explains Politico's Ben Smith. "But they've also banished the social issues that are the focus of many evangelical Christians to the background."

The story goes on to say the tea-party groups "eschew social issues."

We have become conditioned to hearing that "social issues" are abortion and the gender-bending agenda. However, I would like to make the case that all political issues are, in fact, "social issues." And just as those entering the political fray as tea partiers should recognize this, so must the traditional "conservatives" who have focused their attention on abortion and gender-bending.

I have some familiarity with both camps.

The problem both have is not always seeing the forest for the trees.

America is not just in trouble because government no longer respects the sanctity of life.

America is not just in trouble because government no longer respects the sanctity of marriage.

America is not just in trouble because government is spending more money than it has.

America is not just in trouble because government is redistributing wealth.

America is in trouble because government is doing all of these things and more to exceed the strict limits of its constitutional authority.

And, America is in trouble because government has, to paraphrase Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, "forgotten God."


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