Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Is the “Conservative” Movement going to eat it’s own?

Early Monday morning, I stumbled on to a column that consumed a lot of my time.  The article told about both the TEA Party and Conservative Movements trying to distance themselves from the "conspiracy theorists" and anyone else that they consider to be an embarrassment to "the cause."

I thought that was just so wrong!  Bad idea!  In this column, I explain why I think that.  It will be well worth the read. Following is the beginning of the column, and you can click the link at the bottom of the column to read the whole thing.
By John Kubicek

An article I read this morning lead me to asking some serious questions today. I’m not at all happy that I now need to bring up some issues that are now surfacing. And perhaps I’m giving the freedom fighters’ opponent too much credit, as in being smart. Or maybe, “cagey” would be a better word. Or, perhaps “sly like a fox” would be a valid phrase to use.

Do you remember the mantra, “United we stand, divided we fall”? It seems that some on the left were actually intelligent enough to know the best way to vanquish the Tea Party movement, by trying to divide us. And sadly, the problem is, some of the conservative bloggers, journalists, and media pundits have fallen hook, line and sinker for the trap.

First, the left tried to marginalize the Tea Party movement as a bunch of right-wing extremist loonies. Nancy Pelosi tried to label the tea party and town hall crowds as a MOB. That didn’t work out too well. It riled up THE MOB, and the #iamthemob hashtag on twitter was born. So, the new plan by the left was born. Just attack the “fringes” of the Tea Party or Conservative movements! (Keep in mind that the small numbers of people that make up the “fringes” would reflect on everyone in the Tea Party movement.)

Are you still with me here? Good. Just making sure that you are still awake, because this next part gets a little dicey. I may step on some toes, but not for the intention of throwing anyone under the bus.

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