Monday, March 29, 2010

We 'the stupid' intend to fight this ~ By Herman Cain

While the government mouthpieces have been spending time talking about our anger, and being "dangerous" because the tea party patriots are getting "violent," at least they know angry. But, they don't care! Herman spells out all the (nonviolent!) events going on.
Hundreds of rallies and tea-party events are being planned across the country between now and November, and if members of Congress have the courage to hold town-hall meetings during their Easter recess, they will be packed to capacity as they were during their August recess of 2009.

These examples may not seem like a tsunami of anger and outrage, but audience reactions and callers to my nightly radio show suggest that it is real and that people are ready to fight to take back their government.

We the stupid are fighting mad, and we are going to fight!

By Herman Cain

Posted: March 29, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

Now that the shock of passing the Health Care Deform bill against the will of the American people has settled in a bit, the people's sentiment has gone from mad to fighting mad. President Obama and the Democrats are probably not aware of that fact, because they simply don't care!

As former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said in a statement released Friday, President Obama and the Democrats are looking back and saying, "We don't care how mad you are, we got what we wanted."

They wanted Obama-Reid-Pelosi care, and they got it using consistent talking points that did not always match with reality, gimmicky accounting, factual distortions and bribes to congressional Democrats to secure their votes. They wanted the American people to know that their political agenda will not be stopped by Republicans, public opinion, e-mails and phone calls, rallies or even a huge potential voter backlash in November 2010.

They wanted the American people to know that despite what they say and promise about transparency and reaching across the political aisles, they believe they know best what is good for us and the future of our country. It is arrogance and political elitism on steroids.

The president and his administration, along with congressional Democrats, believe the anger and opposition will subside by Election Day in November. They also believe it is just about health care and that the stupid public just does not understand their intentions. That's their problem. We the stupid do understand their intentions, and we are not going to be a sit-down-and-shut-up citizenry.

We the stupid are angry about passage of Health Care Deform, proposed cap-and-trade-and-tax-and-kill legislation, the pending Employee No Choice Act, tsunami spending and an abundance of sneak-a-taxes they hope we will not notice.

Their intentions are to turn this country into the United States of Europe, but the American people are saying not so fast! They are raising their voices and turning up the heat.


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