Friday, March 19, 2010

The Deem-ocrats ~ By Craige McMillan

Craige writes a nice short, to-the-point column about the process the "Deem-ocrats" could possibly use to get the health care deform legislation to the President's desk.
So why stop with legislation? Why not simply bypass the midterm elections entirely? "The incumbent Congress is hereby deemed re-elected!" End of story. No illegal voters required. No voter intimidation required. And those going to a congressman's office to complain are simply arrested by the police. No explanation necessary.
By Craige McMillan

Posted: March 18, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

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"The legislation is deemed passed!" Gavel sound, please. "We didn't actually vote to pass it, you see. But if we had voted, we're sure – no, very sure – no, more than that, we're almost completely sure – that it would have passed. That's if we actually had voted to pass it, which, of course, we didn't!"

So, instead of all that messy, nasty, divisive voting stuff, the Congress will just vote to treat the legislation as if it had passed. "Because we know it could have – would have – if we had voted for it, OK?"

Ah, yes. To paraphrase Mussolini, "What is a small constitutional clause that requires voting, in the affairs of a great state?"

America's communists (they go by the name of progressives these days) have always viewed government as a cult of personality: Hitler, Stalin, Mao – it's never the process or the laws; it's a cult of personality. Here in America it's the cult of Obama.

Under government by personality, the people's representatives have always done what they were told. "The legislation is deemed passed. Number One, make it so."


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