Friday, March 19, 2010

Dawn of the Dems ~ By Erik Rush

It's incredible how much Erik and I think alike. I must say that I completely agree with what he has written about what the Democrats are doing to try to pass the ObamaCare legislation. It can NOT be for our own good, as they want people to believe. No, there is something very sinister about what has been going on in this last week. I really don't have any doubt about what I feel their plan is, but I will save that for a later post.
If we do not entirely lose our liberties over the next few years, eternal vigilance is the price we will have to pay to keep it; that and an abiding commitment to educating future generations as to how close we came to becoming the chattel of nidorous, amoral villains.

By Erik Rush

Posted: March 18, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

The desperation and mistrust currently observable amongst congressional Democrats would be pathetic if they did not actually wield substantial power. Like mindless creatures in a cult film featuring flesh-eating zombies, they are devouring their own, ritually sacrificing, extorting, bribing and bullying one another to pass the Senate health-care reform proposal, affectionately known as Obamacare.

Few Americans really understand that a bloodless coup is essentially taking place in Washington via these actions, nor how important this is to such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Obama. Socialized medicine, this Foundation Stone of collectivism, is one they perceive will cement their power for all time.

While this is not entirely off the mark, its actualization is also far from guaranteed. The turmoil within their party – as opposed to the Republican opposition of which they have complained – still threatens to torpedo the legislation. Having passed, it is also eminently questionable as to whether it could survive the multitude of legal challenges that would be sure to arise.

The obsessive mania they are exhibiting is something I have seen before in drug addicts, every fiber of their being focused on obtaining the next fix.

Nancy Pelosi's consideration of the "deem-and-pass," or "self-executing rule," method of getting the health-care reform bill onto Obama's desk betrays her extreme distraction, and the fury with which Democratic leaders are pursuing passage of this obscenity in the face of overwhelming public opposition is the giveaway to their absolute fixation on it, as well as having abandoned all concern for the public trust and the constitutionality of their actions.

This sort of comportment, one may imagine, is not necessarily conducive to the most effective execution of design. In such frenzies, people can make mistakes. That addict might give his money to someone who wants to rip him off or harm him, or he might try to make a buy from an undercover cop. Such mistakes usually lead to decidedly undesirable outcomes.

Although President Obama is still having success in painting himself as a liberal Democrat who is merely advancing creative strategies for the good of all Americans, the scale of his deceptions continues to escalate. By his actions, he gave the lie to everything upon which he ran during his campaign; indeed, he is a master of fraud. To this columnist, it is truly remarkable that our president continues to be capable of standing before people, looking them in the eyes and twisting the most blatant, bizarre, iniquitous misrepresentations into practicable-sounding proposals – and doing so with a straight face.


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