Friday, March 26, 2010

Pandora or Wonderland? ~ By John Kubicek

When writing this, I did my best to not give away too much out of respect for those who haven't seen either of the movies yet, so there were things that I would have mentioned, but didn't. However, there could be a sequel down the road! No, not a movie sequel, but a sequel to this column!
Let not your heart be troubled, because there is help on it’s way. The radical agenda can be defeated, but we must all be willing to take back Wonderland. We are definitely not living on Pandora. It isn’t capitalism that is our enemy, or our main threat. It is the people that want to be the Red Queen.

Some people will prefer to live on Pandora. But me? Give me Wonderland after tyranny is defeated, any day.

By John Kubicek

March 25th, 2010

My weekend (which is actually Monday and Tuesday) was a catastrophe. As much as I wanted to write this piece, things didn’t work out If it wasn’t my computer having it’s own microsoft-moments, it was my brain. When after two days of dealing with the wonders of technology, and I got my first version of this written, I somehow found a way to lose it all before I could get it posted. So, here I go again.

And it’s funny that technology brought me to writing this (again) today. I had to go find out if 3-D films were actually worth a few extra dollars. For that reason, around a month ago, I went to see Avatar. Yes, I was totally impressed with the 3-D, let alone the awesome scenery views. But then, less than an hour after the movie had ended, I was thinking about the message the movie had sent… to millions of people.

They say a picture can paint a thousand words. So, how many words can a cool, popular 3-D cinematic miracle paint? How about telling people that Capitalists are out to do what ever it takes for a profit? To top it all off, it made it almost laughable, Avatar shows the capitalist pigs killing off a very large tree.


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