Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Postal Service Seeks Permission to End Saturday Delivery

I think this is great news! I could care less if I had Saturday delivery. Since my mail usually comes late in the afternoon, I often forget to even check my mailbox on Saturdays. Most of the mail is junk mail anyway. Yep, no Saturday delivery is not a deal breaker for me.

But not only should they cut Saturday deliveries, except for special mail (express), there are many things they could do to cut costs. I wish Postmaster General John Potter all the best in his endeavor to get the USPS out of the red and not subsidized by the taxpayer!
The financially struggling Postal Service is trying to find ways to get out of the red without resorting to taxpayer aid. Potter announced Tuesday that the service could lose a staggering $7 billion this year -- losses attributed to a combination of the recession and the predominance of e-mail and other electronic forms of communication.
Updated March 02, 2010

Postmaster General John Potter said Tuesday that he intends to seek congressional approval to cut Saturday delivery as part of a wide-ranging plan to close a multi-billion dollar budget gap.

Though the idea of cutting service from six to five days has gotten a cool reception on Capitol Hill, Potter said that the plan would include enough flexibility so that customers who need Saturday service can get it and that this and other changes need to be implemented for the Postal Service to survive.

"We built a plan that we think is very reasonable. ... We intend to pursue that," he said. "It's a move that we simply have to make."

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