Sunday, March 21, 2010

America denounces 'Obamacare' threat

This morning, I am praying for a miracle, that somehow, when they vote on ObamaCare today, it will not pass. Otherwise, if the bill passes, I think America will no longer be what we've known, and Freedom will be gone.
'His bullying and his arrogance can't stop'
One of the speakers at today's D.C. rally was actor Jon Voight, who was blunt in his assessment of the plan and of Obama.

"It is a runaway train for him. And he has no way to put on the brakes. It is very clear that he will turn this country into a socialist America and his bullying and his arrogance can't stop!" Voight said. (See video below)

Posted: March 20, 2010 ~ 9:05 pm Eastern

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Will it soon be the U.S.S.A. – the United Socialist States of America?

Tens of thousands of people descended on Washington today, lining up in circles around the Capitol, in protest of a pending vote Sunday on President Obama's trillion dollar plan that would take over health care across America. That's some $500 billion in cuts from funding for U.S. seniors and another nearly like amount in new taxes.

Promoters of the bill have touted the millions who will be added to health-care rolls and claimed it will lead to deficit "reduction," although opponents say supporters have used accounting tricks to keep hundreds of millions of dollars in expenses out of the fine print of the bill.

Critics of the reform bill cite the abortion financing the government would require, massive fines, especially against married couples, for whatever a government health czar would decide is unsatisfactory, and the general principle that nowhere in the U.S. Constitution – which sets limits on the federal government's powers – is there an authorization to force people to buy the health-insurance program a federal bureaucrat picks out.

Until earlier today, Democrats had signalled they planned to use a controversial parliamentary procedure to force passage without a direct vote of the members of Congress.

That action, dubbed the "Slaughter maneuver" for the chief of the House rules committee, Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-N.Y., was meant to "deem" the original bill to have passed, relieving Democrats from having to go on the record with their votes ahead of next November's elections.

Tom Fitton, chief of Judicial Watch, which investigates and prosecutes government corruption, called the deeming plan a "constitutional crisis."

"The Democratic leadership's plan to use the 'Slaughter Rule' to pass the Senate health care bill without an explicit 'yea or nay' vote by the House is an absolute violation of the U.S. Constitution," he said.

Fox News reported today that even the Democrats now were claiming their plan to use "deem and pass" was being dropped. The decision to go to a straight up or down vote could indicate Speaker Nancy Pelosi is confident she has corralled the votes she needs or that her members fear the growing backlash building over passing the unpopular bill using the Slaughter Rule.

March 20, 2010 - Jon Voight rallies health care protesters

Even Hollywood showed up to the Capitol to protest President Obama's health-care bill.

Actor Jon Voight rallied with the thousands of activists Saturday who crammed themselves onto the Capitol lawn on Washington's first hot day of the year, firing up the crowd in a speech where he said Obama is trying to turn the country into a socialist America.

It is evident he will a one term president, Voight said to thunderous applause of the 25,000 people estimated by organizers to have descended upon the grounds of the Capitol this morning. He will be a one term president, but the track he lays will be devastating for our country for years to come. You must stop him now.

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