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Obama: Hiding himself in plain sight ~ By Joseph Farah

So, Barack Hussein Obama was on the 1000th episode of "America's Most Wanted," and it's really too bad that he wasn't one of the featured most-wanted criminals being sought after.

Shouldn't the act of purposefully dismantling the Constitution be a crime? Isn't the President sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution? Isn't that treason if he doesn't? Joseph Farah has some profound things to say about that in this column.
America's founders knew the real danger to liberty is always posed by government – first and foremost. That's why they strictly limited the power of the federal government. That's why they took the shackles off the people and placed them intentionally on the government. That's what the Constitution truly is – a profound and clear statement on the limitations of government power and a profound and clear statement on the inalienable rights of citizens.

Today we've got it all backward.
By Joseph Farah

Posted: March 06, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

Barack Obama is everywhere.

There's no escape.

If you turn on the tube, there he is.

He's always speechifying. He's always lecturing. He's running the perpetual campaign.

If you think you can escape by turning on entertainment shows, like Fox's "America's Most Wanted," think again.

Tonight he will appear on that show's 1,000th episode to tell you and host John Walsh what a great job he and his administration are doing fighting crime in America.

Obama is not America's most wanted leader – and that's why he's saturating the airwaves with himself.

But "crime-fighter" is not the association most of us make with Obama. It's more like "job-killer." It's more like "wealth-destroyer." It's more like "crisis-creator."

Maybe you're curious about how Obama has fought crime.

Actually, he is stepping up another wholly unconstitutional approach begun during Bill Clinton's administration – co-opting with money and equipment state and local law-enforcement agencies that are supposed to be independent of federal authority and control.

He'll also discuss the impact "America's Most Wanted" has had on "thousands of victims and millions of people in its 22 years on the air."

Give us all a break!

This is not only undignified, it's overkill.

If Obama wants to fight crime, he can start by following the law himself – namely the supreme law of the land, the Constitution.

Why would Americans want to listen to the scofflaw-in-chief pride himself and his administration on crime-fighting? It literally boggles the mind.

And, make no mistake about it, that's what Obama is – from the health-care power grab to cap-and-trade, to stimulus spending to taking over part of the auto industry to the bailouts of banks – his solution to problems real and imaginary is always a grab for federal and presidential power.

This is the real crisis in America – illegal government.

The criminals are in power. Obama's not fighting crime; he's da capo dei capi – boss of all bosses.

Maybe next he'll be a guest on "The Sopranos."


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