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Political autism ~ By Pat Boone

Pat Boone brings up the point that what the politicians in are doing Washington seems to be very similar to autism. Meanwhile, it's almost like this country has slipped through a portal into an alternate reality, a parallel universe, and Nancy Pelosi was just an automaton robot...
In a recent turn – with a wide-eyed, spooky stare and a mechanical, unnatural smile – she's been cooing, "Just help us pass this bill, and we'll all find out what's in it!" Yes, she said that exactly, and it's almost as if she's admonishing in a maternal way, "Children, just drink this Kool-Aid, and you'll find out eventually what's in it – it's good for you."
By Pat Boone

Posted: March 20, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

Autism is a tragic malady.

I became acquainted with it some years ago. My middle two daughters, both Lindy and Debby, when they graduated from high school, decided to take a break from school – they volunteered to work at Hathaway Ranch, a wonderful retreat and day-care center for kids with learning disabilities, including autism.

They came home after long days at Hathaway, sometimes buoyed and excited about some breakthrough with one or more of the kids they were working with, but more often weepy and heartbroken about the autistic kids.

"Daddy," they'd say, "these children are beautiful. They're intelligent, they look like the other kids, and they're physically healthy, just wonderful. But … they seem to be in some other world. They don't – it seems they can't – really focus on what we're trying to tell them, what we want them to do. Sometimes it's as if we don't exist. Some of the kids don't even look at us, and they don't want to be touched. Most seem to like doing certain things, but only their way, and no matter what anybody else is doing. We just can't seem to get through to them, no matter what we try."

And quite often, they'd shed tears over the seeming hopelessness of it all.

There was one hopeful breakthrough, though. Debby remembered a conversation we'd had about people's names and how ordinary common names usually have some meaning, some indication of a character trait. My name, for example, Charles Eugene Boone, means "well born man of blessing." (Don't ask why I've always been called "Pat"; that's another story.)

So she got hold of a book of people's names and their inherent meanings. And she experimented with telling some of her little charges what their names meant. And while it didn't happen quickly, as she'd repeat the meaning of their own names to the young kids at Hathaway, she established a rapport, and then a more open relationship. It seemed that hearing for the first time that their names indicated some value, sort of a promised or expected quality, maybe even a future, some of the kids made more of an effort to connect with Debby and to try to exhibit what their names indicated.

Popular actress Jenny McCarthy has just released a book about her previously autistic son – and the amazing progress she's had in bringing him out of the fog and separation of his malady through controlling his diet. Having come to the conclusion that he'd been adversely affected as a baby by some of the normal immunization shots, she put him on a new and stringent organic health diet – which she credits for his being now perfectly normal! The book is gripping and hopeful, and may point the way to real breakthroughs in treating this awful imprisonment named autism. My daughters and I congratulate Jenny and thank God for her son's new life.

My point here? I see striking parallels in our current political scene, today.

Whatever the cause (and I think I've diagnosed it), many of our elected leaders in Congress are behaving as if they've contracted a kind of "political autism." They seem strangely divorced from reality, out of touch with the people who elected them, unable to think rationally. They've collectively abandoned common sense and embarked on some wildly unreasonable courses, seemingly oblivious to the protests and outcries of a majority of American citizens, the very people whom they swore to represent and whose security and well-being they pledged to protect.

Even faced with dire consequences to their own futures and the very future of this country they profess to love, they are on the verge of saddling all of us with unimaginable, unprecedented, un-repayable debt, threatening to drive the United States of America into bankruptcy and economic ruin.

When sensible people try to show these "public servants" that they're plunging all of us over a precipice to financial destruction, they respond (if they even do respond) that they're "doing this for our good," that they're "giving us what we need, and all deserve," that we should honor them for signing into law a massive takeover of our whole health-care system, and that once it's enacted we'll all get to find out what's in this 2,700-page monstrosity of a bill, which even those voting on it can't understand, and many haven't bothered or had the opportunity to read.


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