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Where this is going: Single-payer nightmare ~ By Larry Elder

Larry Elder tries to explain why Democrats want the Health Care plan to be passed. Following the excerpts from Larry's column, is a video that features Rep. Mike Pence, Carl Cameron and several clips of Robert Gibbs. So, are the Democrats just plain delusional? Or is there another reason for ramming the bill through?
Democrats believe that if people are too dumb right now to see the benefits of Obamacare, someday they will. If not, opponents will be powerless to do anything. Some people refuse to see what's best. That's why God created Democrats.
By Larry Elder

Posted: March 18, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

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Americans resoundingly reject Obamacare. What, then, accounts for the Democrats' determination?

Democrats believe health care is a right. Start with that premise and everything else makes complete sense. Rights – whether the right to vote or to freely assemble or to avoid self-incrimination – exist independent of popular feeling, poll numbers or even, in the case of health care, the Constitution.

Democrats don't care how much Obamacare costs. When President Barack Obama addressed Republicans, Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., carefully outlined the costs of this "reform." He explained why costs figure to go up, not down. To someone truly interested in a cost-benefit analysis, these points warrant a rebuttal. But as MSNBC host Ed Schultz said, when it comes to health-care reform and money, "I don't care how much it costs." An owner of an NFL team fired his coach despite the team's winning record. He explained, "I gave him an unlimited expense account – and he exceeded it." To Democrats, "economic justice" knows no price tag.

Democrats consider election losses a small price to pay for health-care "reform." Predictions range from moderate fall election losses to a bloodbath resulting in a Republican takeover of the House and possibly even the Senate. To this Democrats say, "So what?" Once health-care reform becomes law, that's that. Only a Republican charge with a filibuster-proof Republican supermajority in the Senate could undo it. Besides, President Bill Clinton got re-elected when the Republicans took over the House. And although he gives Republicans no credit, Clinton thereafter governed closer to the center, turned House Speaker Newt Gingrich into a convenient whipping boy, cruised to re-election and left office with a budget surplus. Obama, Democrats figure, could do a lot worse.

Democrats blame Americans' confusion about Obamacare's virtues on Republican "lies." Democrats claim that Obamacare would decrease costs while retaining the same or better health-care quality. Republicans say the opposite. Massachusetts' Romneycare, which is similar to Obamacare, has failed to reduce costs. The three big entitlement programs – Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid – are all in deep financial trouble. At inception, the programs' cost estimates were wildly underestimated. None of this provides cautionary lessons. Republicans lie.

March 17, 2010 - Ramming it through: Why the Democrats are so desperate to get HCR passed

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