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This week on TheREALjohnny2k - 9/20 to 9/26/09

By John Kubicek I'll have to take a little more of your time this week, as I was able to put up eight videos on youtube in the last seven days, all which are very informative. Not only that, but I also want you to see a couple of my "Favorites" that I came across since last Sunday. The very first video that you'll see below has set the general theme for this last week: We the People want to be heard, the government needs to listen to us, and we aren't going to take it too well when the government wants to silence us when we dissent. Just remember, WE ARE THE MOB! Now get to work, there's a lot to read and watch below! September 20, 2009 - Senator, you've been tweeted. Are you listening? This isn't like the old days, Senator. There is the internet, and now, the social media such as twitter, facebook, myspace, digg, blogs, and anywhere else the word gets out. You can no longer depend on the local newspapers to discern which stories actually make it to print. And, oh gosh, the newspapers aren't doing all that well, either. The "Sheople" are opening up to the internet, and they find out things that may not have been easy for them to find out before. It must have been a coincidence this morning. First, there was the story about the Senators that voted against defunding the corrupt ACORN. Next thing you know, here comes a story about you, Senator, thinking that using twitter would be a way to be able to communicate with your constituents. True, it is, if you were willing to use it that way. But, no, instead, it's a one-way communication; a monologue rather than a dialog. But I understand. Even with just over 500 followers on my twitter account, there is no way I can respond to ALL of them. However, Senator, it should not be all that difficult to learn that you can communicate with a few of us out here in the state that you represent, and that can make a difference. Do not allow yourself to be like the Senators mentioned in the video (I won't mention any names, but you know who you are). Just do some work as our representative, and use your resources to make sure that your constituents KNOW that you are thinking about them. Do you hear me now, Senator? And, by the way, if I could have your ear for a few moments, I'm sure that there are things that I can point out to you that you may want to know what the "sheople" want. And guess what, WE are the MOB, and we want to be heard. Do you hear us now? September 21, 2009 - I'll just call this "OBAMACORN" Unless you were born yesterday and fell off the turnip truck just this morning, you shouldn't need any additional commentary to see what is going on. This isn't even just the tip of the iceberg. The corruption in this administration is rampant. And ACORN is the proof in the pudding. Thank God for the O'Keefe & Giles expose. It opened up the story beyond all belief. It proved Glenn Beck to be correct in all that he had been talking about. Andrew Breitbart and had a very big part in allowing the expose' to see the light of day. September 22, 2009 - Glenn Beck gives us some schooling about Socialism, Chavez Style When I'm unable to watch Glenn Beck's TV show live, I go to and watch the videos which are here at youtube, at glennbeckdailyclips. However, now and then I get to see and record the show in real time. Today was one of those days I had that opportunity. The amount of information that I was able to consume was just out of this world, and I was so happy to be able to record it all. But there was this particular part of the first segment that really says it all. I had to bring this to you in the one chunk that explains what we are up against. I'm taking no chances. I needed you to see this part of "Professor" Beck's first segment. Pay very close attention to today's lessons, class! Hey, WAKE UP! PAY ATTENTION!! September 23, 2009 - Govt. to Humana: Shhhhh! You're not allowed to tell the old folks! A gag order from the U.S. Government, telling Humana that they will be fined if they continue to inform their mailing list of what is going on with ALL of the health care bills when it comes to their health care? As far as Obama's minions are concerned, the older people should not become aware of what their plans will do to Medicare, particularly Medicare Advantage... It is bad enough what is being done to those programs, and it is going to be a huge catastrophe to the health care of those that are no longer able to work. But the real shame is that discussion of the subject was silenced by the government. For obvious reasons, we must not tell others about this video, either. They may come down on us, too, should we openly talk about this subject here online... September 24, 2009 - More about the Humana gag order Peter Johnson, Jr. explains more about the government's gag order against Humana (besides it being against the 1st Amendment). September 24, 2009 - Michelle Malkin tells us about the kick backs and conflict of interest of AARP Yep, just another organization with ties to people in the Obama administration. You have to think that more expose's of AARP will be coming soon, thanks to Michelle Malkin for detailing this so far. September 25, 2009 - This is CHANGE that we HOPE he isn't wrong about Without the aid of high-tech special effects, I used some images that should get people to think. Does the change in the plans for the missiles in the Czech Republic and Poland make you just a little nervous? Are you aware that Obama went with what Russia was wanting us to do? Of course, that should not bother you, right? I'm just sayin' .... It was just announced that it was discovered that Iran had a nuclear processing plant that we were previously not aware of. Hey, no problem. If President Barack Obama said anything at the U.N. and the G-20 summit that made you nervous, just don't worry about it. We'll disarm anyway. Just don't worry. Our Dear Leader has it all under control! The One needs your support, especially if you are a grade-school class room. You must, and you will, trust the King... You will be taken care of if you play your cards right. Just write crazy stuff in text books and you can be a czar, too! September 26, 2009 - Huckabee talks about the Pittsburgh G20 protests - The Criminals vs Capitalism Here is how you connect the dots: The leftists go to protest against the G-20 because they want to defeat Capitalism. Every time you see these people protesting, it is usually violent. Mike Huckabee connected them to groups that actually pay "organizers" to show up at these protests; they are professional protesters. But in the meantime, the Democrats - those on the left - are calling the tea parties, town hall meeting attendees, and the 9/12 rally in Washington, D.C., "astroturf," a manufactured uprising. So, who is the real "astroturf"? So, who are the ones that are violent? And who are the ones that actually get any media coverage? Mike Huckabee and Clayton Morris have this one nailed. From my FAVORITES for the week: September 25, 2009 - G20 2009: Police Attack Students at University of Pittsburgh Video and description courtesy of snafupunk Police used teargas pepper spray and rubber bullets against University of Pittsburgh students during the Pittsburgh G20 Summit. Many of the students were not part of any demonstration but bystanders, curious to find a mass of armed riot police on their campus. For more information and videos visit September 06, 2009 - School kids taught to praise Obama Video and description courtesy of alteredbeat This was filmed at the B. Bernice Young Elementary School in Burlington, NJ and uploaded on June 19, 2009. Lyrics ======== Song 1: Mm, mmm, mm! Barack Hussein Obama He said that all must lend a hand To make this country strong again Mmm, mmm, mm! Barack Hussein Obama He said we must be fair today Equal work means equal pay Mmm, mmm, mm! Barack Hussein Obama He said that we must take a stand To make sure everyone gets a chance Mmm, mmm, mm! Barack Hussein Obama He said red, yellow, black or white All are equal in his sight Mmm, mmm, mm! Barack Hussein Obama Yes! Mmm, mmm, mm Barack Hussein Obama Song 2: Hello, Mr. President we honor you today! For all your great accomplishments, we all doth say "hooray!" Hooray, Mr. President! You're number one! The first black American to lead this great nation! Hooray, Mr. President we honor your great plans To make this country's economy number one again! Hooray Mr. President, we're really proud of you! And we stand for all Americans under the great Red, White, and Blue! So continue ---- Mr. President we know you'll do the trick So here's a hearty hip-hooray ---- Hip, hip hooray! Hip, hip hooray! Hip, hip hooray!
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