Saturday, September 26, 2009

BREAKING STORY: Media protect 'literary lion' Obama ~ By Jack Cashill

From WorldNetDaily
Jack Cashill By Jack Cashill Posted: September 26, 2009 ~ 1:00 am Eastern © 2009 Although the major mainstream media organs have yet to address the claim in Christopher Andersen's new book, "Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage," that Bill Ayers helped Obama write "Dreams From My Father," the media trench diggers are busily building a firewall. The alleged media watchdog Media Matters claims that the theory had already been discredited. They cited an Oxford professor who performed a "computerized analysis," which indicated it was "very implausible" that Ayers helped Obama. In reality, some well-meaning Republican politicos hoped to contract with Oxford prof Peter Millican to do a computerized analysis before the 2008 election. When they failed to come up with the requested $10,000, Millican ran to the the London Times. He told its editors "how he was drawn into a plot to link the Democrat to a former radical." The London Times obliged Millican with the cheesy headline, "How they tried to tarnish Barack Obama." Bottom line, there was no "computerized analysis," just the politically inspired pique of a goofy Oxford don. For Media Matters, this was enough to discredit Andersen's detailed inside account of how Ayers came to be involved in Obama's otherwise failed effort to finish a book he had started five years earlier. Politics Daily blows off Andersen's revelation in one sentence: "Andersen suggests, with no proof or attribution, that Obama managed to 'submit a manuscript' for his memoir 'thanks to the help from the veteran writer Ayers.'" True, there is no attribution, but the level of detail suggests an inside source who obviously did not want to be named. Andersen would have had to be a total liar and fraud to contrive the story line he did. Andersen's highly successful career as a celebrity journalist argues strongly against such an interpretation. The Washington Independent's David Weigel, who does not appear to have read Andersen's book, feels free to dismiss Andersen's claim because he credits me as a source. [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE]
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