Thursday, September 10, 2009

We're Reagan's 'new patriots' ~ By Bob Just

From WorldNetDaily
Bob JustBy Bob Just Posted: September 10, 2009 ~ 1:00 am Eastern © 2009 As I watched the tea party protests and crowded town halls, I couldn't help but think of President Reagan. For millions of us, the dismal Carter era sparked a similar political awakening, and Ronald Reagan was the key. He wasn't the source of our new vision, but he knew the source and pointed the way. He understood the trials ahead, and regularly explained them to us. Back then, most young Americans – like so many today – didn't understand what had happened to our country. We didn't fully realize the nature of "liberalism" (especially those of us who were Democrats) until Reagan stepped into the political arena and boldly proclaimed American liberty. Like today, it was a time of economic struggle, and socialism was on the march. In the painful aftermath of Vietnam and Watergate, made more painful by a cynical media, self-doubt among traditional Americans was palpable even as we headed toward the 1980 election. But Reagan remained optimistic – and he was a fierce campaigner. He rebuked liberals who blamed America for everything (some of the same people are in Congress today). He mocked Democrats who urged us to lower our expectations and limit our vision. Undaunted by critics, Reagan cheered us on and raised our hopes. But he didn't call us to hope for more government, as President Obama does. Government wasn't the solution, as Reagan said over and over. Government was the problem, especially when led by "big government" liberals – whether Democrat or Republican. Reagan's hope was rooted in greater things. He believed in our traditions of limited government and free markets. He believed in an "Under God" America, and yes, a strong America. And he believed in the American people, not because we were special, but because we were uniquely free – and that made us special. He called on us to spread that freedom around the world. For Ronald Wilson Reagan, America was still that "shining city on a hill," and he wasn't ashamed to say it. Reagan's America was and still is "exceptional." And Reagan told us why. Because no matter where you're from, if you come to America and agree to live by our principles, you are an American – fully and forever. But you must love this country's ideals. You must love liberty and its foundational truths. [CLICK HERE TO READ ENTIRE COLUMN]
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