Monday, September 07, 2009

Obama like Gorbachev will lead America to breakup in 2010

From Gerald Celente News Blog
There will be civil war and US will split into 6 pieces in 2010 according to Igor Panarin Wednesday, September 2, 2009 This is Gerald Celente's Obamageddon seen by a Russian Professor of economics Igor Panarin, whose book The Crash of America is just out, yesterday he was on Russia Today he claims that by November the book will be yesterdays news and America as we know it too , he draws similarities between president Obama and Mikhael Gorbatchev, and he claims Obama will do to America what Gorbatchev did to the Soviet Union... I know many of you will disagree with professor Panarin, some will be even disturbed and outraged, is this pessimism porn the russian way or just plain realism ...Igor Panarin is back in the media focus with his new book, I have added a couple of his older interviews done few months ago just to give you an idea about the man's claims ... [CLICK HERE TO READ ENTIRE STORY]
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