Sunday, September 20, 2009

Losing liberty ~ By Pat Boone

From WorldNetDaily
Pat Boone By Pat Boone Posted: September 19, 2009 ~ 1:00 am Eastern © 2009 I used to call myself lucky. I don't do that anymore. I call myself blessed. The good and the great things I've enjoyed in my life aren't the result of "luck." God has smiled on me in wonderful ways, beyond even what I dreamed as a young boy in Nashville, Tenn. To begin with, I was born in America. Though I was blessed to be born to exceptional and loving parents, and given a great brother and two beautiful sisters – if I had been born in Mongolia, or Yugoslavia or Pakistan, or indeed anywhere else in the world, my story would have been vastly different. Whatever our individual life circumstances, above all other people on the face of the earth, we in America are the most incredibly blessed. Any honest student of history has to know that the first explorers and settlers who arrived here were Christian people from various backgrounds and occupations, looking for a "promised land" where they could be free and self-governed. Where they could make their own decisions about where they'd live and what they'd do and say, and above all where they could be free to worship God as their Bibles and consciences instructed them. They took enormous, almost incalculable risks, endured tremendous hardships, cut themselves off from everything in their past, and found their way through largely uncharted seas to a new land. And here, they founded a new society, a new republic, predicated upon – and dedicated to preserving – liberty. For over 200 years, our forebears fought numerous wars, shed blood on our soil and abroad, fought and argued and sacrificed, and many died, simply to defend and preserve our way of life and its foundation – liberty. In short, America, as folks my age knew it in our younger years, was the closest thing to an ideal society this world has ever known. And it was certainly the envy of the rest of the world. We all thought it would go on forever that way, didn't we? Who could take away our liberty? We were the strongest, richest, most powerful nation on earth. How, then, have we become the generation that has begun to see our liberties lost, our cherished freedoms slipping away, our ideal society dissolving into humanistic, contentious, secularist chaos? Is it possible – even thinkable – that after enjoying 200 years of unprecedented freedom, we, in just one or two generations, can throw away, or have wrenched from us, all our liberties? We can. And it's happening. In the last two decades, we've elected leaders who promised to "reinvent" the American form of government and to "redefine" what it means to be Americans in this century. And they've set out vigorously to do it. Our current president has said the Constitution is a "flawed document," and some leaders in Congress have pledged to rewrite passages of that document to conform to the "times" and to "more current thought." [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE]
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