Thursday, September 17, 2009

Technological demonizing ~ By Phil Elmore

From WorldNetDaily
By Phil Elmore Posted: September 17, 2009 ~ 1:00 am Eastern © 2009 It is a fundamental characteristic of our technologically driven society, and one that we have discussed previously in Technocracy, that technology distances us from one another. The paradox is that in a world now more interconnected than any before it – a world in which we microblog the most trivial events of our lives while staying in touch electronically with everyone we've ever known (and calling "friend" many people we've never even met) – the same technology that binds us together helps us to dehumanize, mischaracterize and ultimately dismiss whole swaths of humanity based simply on ideology and willing misconception. Never has this been more obvious than in the mischaracterization of Republican, Libertarian and even Democrat opposition to the sweeping socialist policies and breathtakingly totalitarian power grabs of the Obama administration. Using the distancing and jaundiced lens of technology as misused by yellow journalism, our "mainstream" media outlets – and an army of left-wing commentators and pundits who pose as "objective" journalists – misinform the American people every day. The end result is that any and all criticism of President Obama, his policies and those he appoints to rule by bureaucratic fiat is decried as racism, as "lies," as contrived or manufactured, and as otherwise illegitimate. The most recent example of this type of technologically facilitated mischaracterization involves the recent protests on Sept. 12 in Washington, D.C. A sea of protesters – some estimates put their number at over 1 million – converged on Washington in a display of outrage over the policies of the Obama administration and the arrogance of the Democrats now holding power. [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE]
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