Saturday, September 05, 2009

Et tu, Barack?: Czar 'continues to work for administration'

From WorldNetDaily
Non-ringing endorsement starts countdown for Van Jones' exit from 'green jobs' post Posted: September 04, 2009 ~ 7:04 pm Eastern © 2009 WorldNetDaily Van Jones, the Green-jobs CzarWASHINGTON – It wasn't exactly a ringing endorsement. When White House press secretary Robert Gibbs was asked about the president's support for his embattled "green jobs czar," Van Jones, the response was: "He continues to work for the administration." If there were any doubts the first high appointment of the Obama administration was about to be reversed by scandal, Gibbs' message put them to rest. If he goes, Jones' brief tenure as one of about 40 czars in the White House will have been cut short by reporting in WND – begun in April by staffer Aaron Klein. WND's Klein first reported Jones was an admitted radical communist and a self-described "rowdy black nationalist" and that in 2005 he boasted in an interview that his environmental activism was actually a means to fight for racial and class "justice." [CLICK HERE TO READ ENTIRE STORY]
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