Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Real Van Jones Scandal: Why Glenn Beck Is Right

From The American Spectator
By Jeffrey Lord on 9.4.09 @ 6:10AM As a former White House aide myself, there are two incidents that tell me Glenn Beck is right in asking his questions about Van Jones. Two incidents that ask an even more serious question than anything asked about Jones himself. The question: What did the Obama White House know about Van Jones and when did they know it? Jones, the Obama White House "green jobs” adviser, is getting in deeper trouble by the minute with revelations of his radical statements about being a Communist, having been twice arrested, and, in the last few hours, with news surfacing that he had signed onto a petition accusing the Bush administration of being responsible for 9/11, making him, in the vernacular, a "Truther” -- one of those paranoid nuts who believes George W. Bush ordered the 9/11 attacks. All this is before the amusingly crazy piece of videotape of Jones labeling Obama's GOP opponents "A-holes.” Jones, almost by the hour, is being belatedly vetted by the New Media because the Old Media took a pass -- and the White House itself had no intention of speaking up until called upon. You must be asking: is it really this easy to work at the White House? Can you really have done a jail stretch, actually been twice arrested (once during the Rodney King riots and a second time during the 1999 free trade riots in Seattle) and work in the White House? Can you even get into the White House when you have a history with the police? [CLICK HERE TO READ ENTIRE COLUMN]
And after reading this column by Jeffrey Lord, you should wonder if the questions he asked has lead to Van Jones' resignation. And shouldn't we be asking now why they did it in the middle of the night on Saturday of Labor Day weekend?
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