Thursday, September 24, 2009

Not just gov't that can be tyrannical ~ By Phil Elmore

From WorldNetDaily
Phil ElmoreBy Phil Elmore Posted: September 24, 2009 ~ 1:00 am Eastern © 2009 For as long as consumer technology has existed, efforts have been made to counter it. In many technological demographics, this creates a kind of "arms race" in which a consumer convenience that annoys some is impeded by another consumer convenience designed explicitly to be an impedance. When Caller ID was offered to telephone users, it wasn't long before Caller ID Blocking was also offered. Caller ID Blocking Blocking wasn't far behind; you can now purchase a feature that denies calls to your phone from blocked numbers. When the first radar detectors were introduced, the speed-detection industry responded by introducing "pulse" radar technology – which, sometimes, was as simple as Smoky switching on his radar gun only when he was ready to clock you. Radar detector detectors and even no-way-were-they-ever-legal radar jammers came along somewhere during all of that. Laser speed detectors were introduced after that, making the old radar detectors obsolete, whereupon the radar detection companies introduced detectors that, using line-of-sight sensors, could supposedly detect laser signals in time for you to slow down and avoid a ticket. (Whether that's true depends on how many tickets you've gotten using such gadgets, as I have.) Laser jammers have since been introduced. Not surprisingly, the technology arms race has become more personal. It is now less about legal issues such as caller identification and speed detection, and much more about what simply annoys individuals. Take wireless phone technology, for example. All of us are familiar with the service announcements at the beginning of movies shown in theaters, in which we the audience are urged (sometimes through very clever means) to turn off our wireless phones rather than annoy fellow moviegoers during the film. The latest PSAs even discourage texting during the movie, which one would think is a silent alternative to taking a phone call while the movie is playing. [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE]
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