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This week on TheREALjohnny2k - 9/11 to 9/19/09

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By John Kubicek Being this is the first week I've done this, I am sure that some of the followers of this blog may not be aware that I have a youtube channel that goes by TheREALjohnny2k. Well, now you know. But, I know also that not everyone will have time to get to my channel as often as I upload my videos. For this reason, I've decided to start this weekly feature where every Sunday, when you get home from your worship services, you can stop by here and check out what I have added to the channel in the last week. This week, I want to go back an extra couple days, starting with Friday, Sept. 11. I think when you see the video that starts this series off, you'll understand why I wanted to include it. Normally, though, it will be everything that has been added from the previous Sunday until Saturday. Being this is the first week that I've done this, I am sure that there will be improvements and refinements to this weekly feature in the future. This is obviously still in the experimental stage, so let's just see how this goes. I am pretty sure that you will enjoy this opportunity to watch these videos. Most of the videos will be from news segments, though you may be surprised by something special from time to time, such as the first one you'll see today. I should also mention here that the length of the videos will usually be relatively short, from three to six minutes, so it won't take your whole day to get through them all. It will be rare for me to upload more than four or five videos in a week, though this first edition will have a few more since I'm going back an extra day or two. So, are you ready? Great! Let's get started! (To make comments on any of the videos, just click on the video and that will take you to the you to the youtube page of the video.)
September 11, 2009 - America, I will always love you, and I will never forget Suddenly, on a beautiful September day, our lives would change forever. In this video, I combine the memories of that day with a song about America's resolve, called "I will always love you." I put this together on 9/11/09 because I never will forget, and I never want to forget. I remember the day that I woke up to see these images on TV, over and over, for the whole day. I guess the song that I have used for the background for this video says it all. Please read the associated blog post "I will never forget" at September 13, 2009 - Did you hear about the 9/12 Rally and March on Washington? Millions of people not only knew about it, millions participated. Sure, not all of the participants were in Washington D.C., but I guarantee that many that couldn't go were down in the basements (or man-cave as I personally call it), and we were going to town. There was no excuse for the Mean Stream Media to have missed this story. And worse yet, the White House claimed that they didn't even know about it. Do I smell a conspiracy here? September 17, 2009 - Jonathan Krohn schools Karl Rove; We need character in America September 14, 2009 ... The young prodigy, Jonathan Krohn, explains to Karl Rove and America, what needs to be done. We need leadership guided by Conservative character. Jonathan Krohn had been one of the featured speakers on 9/12/09. I will be working on finding video of his speech that day. September 18, 2009 - The "No Czars" Lie exposed by Michelle Malkin - The Liar-In-Chief is caught again Of course, the White House needs to back away from the label for various non-vetted "directors" as being "Czars". Now that the rampant Marxism in the White House is being exposed, it would be best not to mention anything so Soviet-sounding as "Czars". That just sounds so sinister. But, the liar was too late. The damage has already been done. The Sheople are being woken up. The Liar-In-Chief wasn't able to silence us in time. Thank you, Michelle Malkin, for your patriotic and valiant - and successful! - effort to keep this story going. September 19, 2009 - Nancy Pelosi Has No Business Getting Into Wayne's World Wayne Simmons, former CIA operative, comments on frozen-face Nancy's intrusion into the intelligence world, and how it could lead to a terrorist attack that would dwarf 9/11. Be sure to read, "Pelosi Intrudes Into Waynes World", by Wayne Simmons, which can be read here: September 19, 2009 - Mike Huckabee on Health Care For Illegal Immigrants Is it a lie that the Liar-in-Chief is telling us that illegal aliens will not get govt. health care, or is he going to grant them all amnesty so that he isn't lying?
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