Friday, September 18, 2009

Time Magazine to Feature Glenn Beck Cover

From The WadeWire Blog (for the graphic) and AssociatedContent (for the column)
September 17, 2009 By Robert Dougherty Glenn Beck on cover of TIME MagazineGlenn Beck making the Time Magazine cover continues to prove that Glenn Beck doesn't need advertisers to make headlines. The Glenn Beck Time Magazine cover comes a week after his 9/12 project rallied hundreds of thousands - if not millions - on Capitol Hill. Glenn Beck's Time Magazine cover story is the latest coup for FOX News's newest superstar. Depending on who one asks, Beck's Time Magazine cover is either a victory for real Americans, or the latest black mark against journalism and reality. The Glenn Beck Time Magazine cover broke on the Internet today, and will break on newsstands in the days ahead. But both conservatives and liberals will find things to love and hate about the cover story. Liberals will probably be fond of the title, which reads "Mad Man: Is Glenn Beck Bad for America?" However, they are already finding problems with the rest of the story. [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE]
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  1. Media Matters thinks the article isn't vicious enough (surprise). Joel Achenbach of the Washington Post defends the Time article writer and starts a inter-league squabble with Media Matters. Follow all the action here: