Saturday, September 05, 2009

Beware of agents provocateur ~ By Joseph Farah

From WorldNetDaily
Joseph FarahBy Joseph Farah Posted: September 05, 2009 ~ 1:00 am Eastern © 2009 Beginning in 2006, WND chronicled the bizarre behavior of Internet blogger and micro-caster Hal Turner who said he might have to assassinate half the members of Congress. "As the November 7 Election approaches, I decided to write a few lines to my fellow Americans about the state of our nation and the ugliness that may have to occur if the people who caused these problems are re-elected: They may have to be assassinated," he wrote in his blog Oct. 27 that year. They did not appear to be merely the idle words of an irresponsible lunatic. Turner didn't say it once or twice. He repeated his ideas several times and even offered fairly detailed plans involving five-men strike forces to carry out their work in wiping out half the U.S. Congress and at least three members of the Supreme Court. It seemed very strange to us at WND that law enforcement officials paid little heed. When WND contacted the FBI, officials there showed little curiosity after hearing the name of the person that wrote and said these things – and seemed to be advocating violence against public officials. By December of that year, Turner was raising the ante. He claimed to have set a timetable for those killings – adding that any member of Congress who introduces, co-sponsors or votes in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens would be "declared a domestic enemy and considered a legitimate target for assassination." Again, both the Secret Service and FBI showed little interest in Turner's activities. Now, maybe, we can understand why. Last month, in a trial over charges brought against Turner by local officials in New Jersey and Connecticut, it was revealed that Turner had been trained by the FBI on how to deliberately provoke violent actions by others. He was an "agent provocateur" for the FBI from 2002 through 2007 and was taught by the agency "what he could say that wouldn't be crossing the line," according to testimony in the trial. His defense attorney said, "His job was basically to publish information which would cause other parties to act in a manner which would lead to their arrest." In other words, the government was paying him to get people to commit crimes they might not otherwise commit. Prosecutors in the trial acknowledged that Turner was an informant who spied on "radical right-wing organizations." May I ask a stupid question? Why is the FBI doing this? This can't even be blamed on Barack Obama. This was happening during the administration of George W. Bush. [CLICK HERE TO READ ENTIRE COLUMN]
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