Monday, September 07, 2009

Health-care deform and clunker budgeting ~ By Herman Cain

From WorldNetDaily
Herman CainBy Herman Cain Posted: September 07, 2009 ~ 1:00 am Eastern © 2009 "Cash for Clunkers under budget with 690,000 sales" was the headline of an Associated Press story published Aug. 26, 2009. The clunkers program was originally approved for $1 billion. The amount was exhausted so fast that Congress increased it to $3 billion, and now it is being declared "under budget" because only $2.88 billion was spent. That's logic only a liberal can love. But maybe we mere mortals did not understand the definition of success for the clunkers program. It did generate a 1 percent increase in U.S. car sales for August of 2009 versus a year ago, an increase that is 0.1 percent of the total number of vehicles sold in 2008. Additionally, the 690,114 automobiles sold replaced 0.3 percent of all cars and trucks on U.S. roads and highways with more fuel efficient and less polluting vehicles. Wow! The AP story also said "The Obama administration declared the program a major success, saying Cash for Clunkers provided a needed stimulus to the auto industry and the broader economy." Autos represent about 3.6 percent of the broader economy in total, which got a 0.1 percent boost for the year. That's not much economic mileage to be declared a major success, but again, that's liberal logic. [CLICK HERE TO READ ENTIRE STORY]
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  1. ObamaCare would create 53 new govt programs, offices and bureaucracies!!! Come on folks, common sense! We need not be sheople!

    "When dealers wait to be reimbursed for clunker sales, they lose money. When patients wait for medical services, they lose lives!" DID YOU GET THAT???? Hope you're thinking about it!