Thursday, September 03, 2009

He wants you 'hatemongers' silenced ~ By Phil Elmore

From WorldNetDaily
Phil ElmoreBy Phil Elmore Posted: September 03, 2009 ~ 1:00 am Eastern © 2009 When Declan McCullagh's piece in CNET News sounded the dire warning, "Bill would give president emergency control of Internet," it wasn't a surprise to readers of Technocracy. Back in April, we warned you of Obama's incipient Internet Tyranny, and since then these pages have several times sounded the clarion call concerning Barack Hussein Obama's leftist totalitarianism. The Obama administration grows more brazen with each passing day, and the radical leftists, racists and Marxists with whom Obama surrounds himself no longer feel they must hide their ideologies. The administration that urged citizens to inform on their fellow Americans for thought crimes, for daring to question Obama's attempt to nationalize the health-care industry (while lying to you about the cost, about the impact on your health-care choices and about Obama's own intentions for the plan), has continued its inexorable march toward an American police state, grinning broadly into the television cameras while gesturing sharply for the apprehension and public shaming of all who would question Obama's might. Our brittle, oversensitive president cannot abide criticism, you see; a clown face on a posted bill or on a T-shirt sets him and his supporters to grinding their teeth over imagined racism, while his minions dream up ever more "code words" to place on the contraindicated speech lists. Every word and deed taken by the administration is an attempt both to strengthen its breathtaking power grabs and to silence any opposition to those actions, shutting down its critics directly or condemning those critics in the court of public opinion. If you can wrongly redefine your political opposition as racist, as terrorists, as dangerous, why, you can easily marginalize any and all dissent – and then crush it with naked force while claiming you're merely keeping the populace safe. This is the drive behind redefining all of Obama's opponents as domestic terrorists, and this is why any left standing are declared to be racist hatemongers who simply don't like Obama because he happens to be black. [CLICK HERE TO READ ENTIRE COLUMN (if you dare!)]
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