Thursday, August 06, 2009

'Castroturfing' America ~ By Erik Rush

By Erik Rush Posted: August 06, 2009 1:00 am Eastern © 2009

I recall an episode of the 1970s documentary "Scared Straight" in which one of the teenage subjects (whom the authorities were attempting to turn from his evil ways via direct exposure to convicts) divulged that it was his intention to enroll in technical school to learn about security systems. That way, he reasoned, he would have carte blanche with respect to any establishment he wished to rob. So I believe was the objective of one young Barack Hussein Obama when he set about the study of constitutional law. This does make sense; in many ways, President Obama's machinations have been akin to those of a stalker or bullying neighbor who has sufficient knowledge of the law to keep his actions just inside the law, while smugly flouting all notions of morality and ethics. Our president's haste in passing the "health care reform" bill (America's Affordable Health Choice Act of 2009) currently being considered by Congress has been unprecedented; the absent perspicacity one might expect given the prospect of a trillion dollar expenditure has been stifled to a degree due to complicity on the part of the establishment press. Obama admonished Congress to get this leviathan legislative beast passed prior to the August recess to avoid facing what they are facing now: The ire of the American people, some of whom are actually beginning to comprehend the profound dangers connected to this bill. Most Americans – even if they did not support Obama for president – are not yet prepared to believe that he is telling lies of the magnitude that he indeed is telling about the health care reform bill; perhaps most do not believe he is capable of doing so, or that so many would stand idly by while such a calamity transpired. But that is just what is happening, and Obama's haste has been to ensure that as much of his agenda is manifested before too many do discover that he is essentially "Castroturfing" America. For Obama's part, much of his duplicity has been overlooked because he is black; the motives and integrity of black Americans – and our illustrious "first black president" in particular – have been considered beyond reproach for reasons I have previously elucidated in this space. Other of Obama's shortcomings and designs are being deftly spun by the establishment press, which is essentially an arm of the administration. The president's dedicated Marxism is overlooked for an additional reason, itself being twofold: Many Americans simply aren't aware of his historical political leanings. Some don't have a working knowledge of what Marxism is, regarding its inherent and profound evil as an ideology. Ergo, they know little and suspect less regarding what this administration really has up its sleeve, that being the installation of a Marxist oligarchy comprised of politicos, activist ideologues and former titans of industry. For those of us who do perceive these deeper machinations, recent developments across the political landscape have been like those in a sinister cult film. Sometime in early 2007, certain pragmatic pundits began speaking on the danger of an Obama administration ushering in full-blown socialism. What has become apparent given the audacity of the "Audacity of Hope" man and the frenetic advancement of his agenda is that we are not actually looking at the advent of full-blown socialism. We're looking at the advent of full-blown communism. [Emphasis mine] [CONTINUE READING]

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