Friday, August 21, 2009

America's Wounded Warriors -- Honor, Courage and Sacrifice ~ By Michael Reagan

From By Michael Reagan ~ August 13, 2009 This past week, I was fortunate to play in the Wounded Warrior charity golf tournament. This commendable project aims to raise awareness and enlist the support of the public’s aid for severely injured service men and women while at the same time creating an environment of support which allows these injured heroes to recuperate with high-quality care and treatments. As a result of our Global War on Terror, nearly 35,000 United States service personnel have been seriously wounded in combat. Shockingly, out of the 755,000 veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the Department of Veterans Affairs says more than 181,000 are collecting disability benefits of some type -- many requiring grueling physical therapy and continuing care in an attempt to get about with their daily lives. And not surprisingly, many young men and women are returning with emotional scars that may take years to uncover and resolve. [READ ENTIRE COLUMN]
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