Friday, August 21, 2009

An Open Letter to the Legislators of the United States of America

I was alerted to this Open Letter by my friend at twitter, _Jym. This letter can be seen at his blog, In God We'll Trust. I was amazed by the profound thoughts that went into this letter, written by Linny Buck. I have asked Jym for his approval to post the entire letter here, and my request was approved, as long as I republished it exactly as seen on his blog, which I have done.
An Open Letter to the Legislators of the United States of America By Linny Buck Published: August 15, 2009 Posted in: Constitution, Honesty in politics Click here to join our Free Action Group Please Copy & Paste, email, print and/or send to your Legislators… An Open Letter to the Legislators of the United States of America Do you know who you are? I certainly hope so because you stand at the intersection of freedom and control and it is you who have the responsibility to assist in making the decisions that will determine the highway this country will travel. It is your voice that will cry out from the capital; follow me to freedom or cower with me in the corner as choice is slowly ripped from the heart of a country and its people are held captive by those who thirst for power denies its subjects free will. You know exactly what I am talking about. You are old enough to remember when freedom was a prized possession and you have watched as a citizen and participated as a legislator as this country has gradually unburdened itself from the price of freedom in exchange for a free ride. Only the ride isn’t really free, it simply seems without price to those who are unwilling to act in any other way than to scavenge after selfishness. Such people are easily satisfied and easily led into the chains of control. Fortunately most Americans know well the burden of freedom and are willing to pay the price for themselves and even for those who are unwilling to pay it at all. Freedom’s price is to stand up and be counted as one who loves liberty and abhors the cunning craftiness of those whose design is to destroy and defeat the ability to make choices thereby stealing from all of us the responsibility to be held accountable. If the price is not paid by its citizens the United States of America becomes the country, we as children, were taught to fear. Today the debate rages about health care, but the issue is not really about health care, that is merely the cloak de jour in which the issue is wrapped, yesterday it was dressed in stimulus money, tomorrow it will wear the clothing of cap and trade; the issue is about freedom and you can feel it in your soul. You have seen both political parties, over the years, legislate away the ability to make choices and we as a people have stood by and allowed it as you in the legislature have participated in wrapping morsels of food in layers of garbage and calling it good. Now in the streets and in town halls across America you see men and women who are starving because of the actions of legislators; they are starving for freedom and they are fighting back against those who seek to blind their minds, chain their hopes, and control their ability to choose. These are people who when called upon to sacrifice will do so willingly. These are men and women who want to trust you to stand up and to be able to sacrifice your own self interest for the freedom of your fellow citizens and the liberty of our nation. Do you know who you are? If what has been said rings true in your heart then you are a patriot and you have a job to do and we expect you to do it correctly. You must choose freedom and you must stand against what you feel in your soul is wrong even if it’s dressed in the fashions of the hour and solicits your company or rewards your ambition. If you find what has been said to be repulsive then you are either drunk with your own power or you are a coward willing to be controlled by those who seek to destroy us. We will be watching and praying for you to make correct choices based upon correct principles which will then allow us to properly govern ourselves. We are Americans. Who are you? Sincerely, A Very Concerned Citizen of the United States of America
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