Monday, August 31, 2009

Czar: 'Spread the wealth! Change the whole system'

From WorldNetDaily
Using White House position to push communist policies? Posted: August 30, 2009 ~ 7:09 pm Eastern By Aaron Klein © 2009 WorldNetDaily Van Jones, Green Job CzarJust days before his White House appointment, Van Jones, President Obama's environmental adviser, used a forum at a major youth convention to push for what can easily be interpreted as a communist or socialist agenda. As WND previously reported, Van Jones, special adviser for green jobs, enterprise and innovation to the White House Council on Environmental Quality, is an admitted black nationalist and radical communist. Jones' appointment was announced on March 10. Two weeks before he started his White House job, however, Jones delivered the keynote address at Power Shift '09, which was billed as the largest youth summit on climate change in history. A reported 12,000 young people were at the D.C. Convention Center for the event. During his speech, available on YouTube (or see below in this blog), Jones threw around terms like "eco-apartheid" and "green for some," and preached about spreading the wealth while positing a call to "change the whole system." In one section of his twenty-minute speech, Jones referenced "our Native American brothers and sisters" who, he claimed, were "pushed," "bullied," "mistreated" and "shoved into all the land that we didn't want." "Guess what?" Jones continued. "Give them the wealth! Give them then wealth! No justice on stolen land ... we owe them a debt." "We have to create a green economy, that's true, that's true. But we have to create a green economy that Dr. King would be proud of," he exclaimed. [CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING ENTIRE COLUMN]
Van Jones | Power Shift Keynote (complete) This video is courtesy of energyaction on
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