Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sean Hannity for president ~ By Joseph Farah

From WorldNetDaily
Joseph FarahBy Joseph Farah Posted: August 26, 2009 ~ 1:00 am Eastern © 2009 Much of America is eagerly awaiting mid-term elections next year and presidential elections in 2012 so we can stop and reverse the destructive policies of Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress. Yet, we all know it takes something to beat something. Republicans have not offered much in the way of an alternative vision. Nor have they even been willing and able to jump on the tidal wave of opposition that has spontaneously erupted across the country as a result of their adversaries' arrogance and their perversion of American ideals. I think many Americans share my longing for new leadership to emerge. We're looking for people of strong, unshakeable convictions to the principles that made America great. We're looking for people who don't desire a career in politics so much as an opportunity to serve their country. We're looking for people who can articulate their beliefs boldly. We're looking for people who actually like America and Americans. Last week, radio talk-show host, Fox News commentator and best-selling author Sean Hannity just offered the slightest hint that he might consider a bid for the presidency. I can tell you that he instantly became my pick. [READ ENTIRE COLUMN]
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