Saturday, August 29, 2009

Found: Cure for the liberal virus ~ By Pat Boone

From WorldNetDaily
Pat BooneBy Pat Boone Posted: August 29, 2009 ~ 1:00 am Eastern © 2009 It was at the Hutchinson Cancer Clinic in Seattle, several years ago I first saw live cancer cells under a microscope. It's forever seared into my memory. Dr. Fred Hutchinson, founder of the renowned clinic and research center, was showing me around. He asked me, "Have you ever actually seen cancer cells? Would you like to?" Of course I said I would, and he took me into a laboratory and produced a number of slides. I looked through the high-powered microscope – and gazed at the embodiment of evil. Little black, iridescent globs, almost radiant from within, pulsing with menace, looking like miniaturized Darth Vaders from Star Wars. "Doc, this is ghastly, frightening! What in the world can fight these things?" I asked. "These," he said. And he stuck another slide under the scope. I was now looking at what looked like a bunch of Little Orphan Annie eyes, perfectly round clear circles. I asked, "These little circles, they can fight those evil blisters?" "They can absolutely lick cancer totally; I'll show you," he said. And he then showed me a progression of slides, and I'll never forget what I saw. In stages, those little circles – lymphocytes or white blood cells – moved up to and around the black blisters, completely covered them, and smothered them out of existence. They created an environment in which the cancer cells couldn't function, and they just dissolved. In my mind, I saw a subtitle tickertape moving under the slides, right out of the Bible: "Be not overcome with evil. Overcome evil with good." Doctor Fred went on. "Every body contracts cancer cells from time to time, unknown to the person. Most of the time, a healthy blood stream will deliver those lymphocytes where they're needed, and in sufficient quantity, and the cancer cells are dissolved and expelled. We here, and around the world, are trying to find the way to send that army of white blood cells to the places where the cancer cells have established a foothold. When we accomplish that, we'll lick cancer." I then asked the obvious question. "Do we know how cancer starts, where the black filthy cells come from?" And, as I remember it, he said the medical research world feels there's some virus that infects otherwise healthy cells, and chemically distorts or corrupts their DNA. Those cells go on living in the organ, and reproducing – but now controlled by a different blueprint. They have become outlaws, renegades and as they grow they disrupt the functions of the organ, contaminate and ruin it; and they can eventually spread through the body, using the bloodstream, and cause death. There's something fearfully like that going on in our body politic. A deadly virus has been loosed throughout our system, and wherever it takes root, it changes the functions and the structure that gave us the grandest, strongest, freest system of government the world has ever known. I call it liberalism. [READ ENTIRE COLUMN!]
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