Monday, August 24, 2009

Liberals' health care sin ~ By Herman Cain

From WorldNetDaily
Herman CainBy Herman Cain Posted: August 24, 2009 ~ 1:00 am Eastern © 2009 When Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., was asked a question at a town hall meeting last week about runaway federal spending, he shifted the subject to the cost of the war in Iraq (that's also a blame Bush move). When a lady asked him about the Democrats' health care proposal he asked the lady, "On what planet do you spend most of your time?" In a recent interview on ABC, Sen. Arlen Specter repeated his view that the people attending town hall meetings on health care reform were not representative of most Americans. He is ignoring the truth that they are representative. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats have called the town hall meeting attendees Astroturf as opposed to real grassroots – un-American and a bunch of crazies simply because we passionately disagree with Obamacare and DemocratCare. That's what liberals do. They shift the subject, ignore the truth and call opponents names to avoid a real debate or rational discussion. These are their sin tactics. The mainstream media are equally skilled in the sin tactics. [READ ENTIRE COLUMN]
I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Herman Cain to WorldNetDaily as one of the weekly columnists. I've been very impressed with his first four columns (I think I may have missed one or two!). He's going to be a great addition to WND, and it helps to make up for Doug Powers (always one of my faves!) deciding to move on. Here is Herman's bio:
Herman Cain is currently a radio talk-show host. "The Herman Cain Show," News Talk 750 WSB-Atlanta, airs Monday-Friday, 7 p.m.-10 p.m. EST (listen LIVE online). He is a former corporate executive and CEO, and still serves on the board of directors of three corporations that range in size from 4 to 16 billion dollars in annual revenue. His latest book, "They Think You're Stupid," was inspired following his 2004 run for the U.S. Senate as a Republican in Georgia. You can also hear and see "The Best of Herman Cain" anytime.
Okay, liberals, are you going to call Herman Cain one of the ignorant, astroturfing, crazies now? Yeah, I didn't think so.
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