Thursday, August 06, 2009

Libtalker Mike Malloy: I Hope Glenn Beck Commits Suicide Live On The Air - Just when you thought liberal talk radio couldn't get any nastier, along comes Mike Malloy to sink even deeper into the rhetorical abyss. During his August 4 2009 syndicated radio show, Malloy openly expressed hope that FOX News Channel host Glenn Beck would commit suicide live on the air!
This has to be the sickest think I've ever heard a liberal say openly! What on earth is wrong with that man? Who would ever listen to that man? In fact, probably not too many, being that I had never heard of him. This was just so unbelievable, and you know darn well if any Conservative had ever said anything like that, they would be off the air forever. Of course, we all know that no Conservative would ever say anything like that, now don't we?
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