Thursday, February 04, 2010

Geithner must go ~ By Craig R. Smith

Commentary from WorldNetDaily
Craig R. Smith By Craig R. Smith Posted: January 29, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern © 2010 This week a new era of bipartisan politics was ushered in during the congressional hearings addressing the AIG bailout. Treasury Sec. Timothy Geithner failed with both Democrats and Republicans to pass any reasonable stink test. In fact one of his own, Rep. Stephen F. Lynch (D-Mass.), said with an edge in his voice, "It just stinks to high heaven what happened here." I watched the hearings for several hours. Little belief was to be found among the members that Mr. Geithner or Paulson did anything other than panic during the potential meltdown that occurred in Sept. of 2008. Regardless of how many times Geithner demanded Congress acknowledge his brilliance in saving the world, nobody was buying it. Good grief! So much for voters telling Obama to slow down and move toward the center. The lack of fully answered questions and the abundance of arrogant, angry and condescending behavior from Geithner was appalling. He acted as if the U.S. Congress had no right to ask him such questions. How dare they challenge his genius in getting us past the "worst crisis since the Great Depression." He basically said, I saved your ass and this is how you treat me? In the many hearings I have watched over the last 30 years I have never witnessed this level of slithering, spinning and tortured answering in an attempt to avoid the truth. Mr. Paulson was somewhat humble, at least in comparison. And while his unsupportable assertions, such as unemployment going to 25 percent if they had not acted, were laughable, at least they weren't offered with the snotty Ivy league arrogance spewed from Geithner. I would be shocked if Tim Geithner is able to maintain the confidence of President Obama after his performance this week. On the off chance he does, we need to really question the competence of the president. READ FULL STORY >
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