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Government schools are watching you ~ By Roger Hedgecock

Roger Hedgecock brings up a story I heard about a day or two ago, about the school district that could remotely turn on web cams on the computers that they had given their students. He brings up several of the issues about why case is so bad. I am sure we could think of many other reasons why this is so bad!
When the government schools can put a "peeping tom" camera and microphone into our homes in students' computers in the name of "security," we have no rights left.

By Roger Hedgecock

Posted: February 22, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

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The Lower Marion School District, which runs two high schools in this suburb of Philadelphia, gives an Apple laptop (MacBook) to all 2,300 of its high-school students for use during the school year.

Programs like this throughout the country have proven popular with students, teachers and parents. The computers enhance the students' capabilities in understanding assignments, keeping track of deadlines for work and researching topics, for example. Teachers and parents can better track performance in the classroom and with homework assignments.

But Harriton High School student Blake Robbins discovered a more sinister use of these computers by the school administration – a use that students, teachers and parents were not aware of.

Is this happening in your school district?

On Nov. 11, Blake was summoned to the office of Vice Principal Lindy Matsko, who told him that he had "engaged in improper behavior in his home."

On the CBS "Early Show Saturday Edition," Blake recounted that Ms. Matsko accused him of selling drugs and taking pills and showed him a photograph of him at home taken by the webcam in his MacBook as proof. Blake said he told the vice principal that the photo showed him eating candy.

The incident revealed that the school district had the power to remotely turn on the webcam in the MacBook at any time and record the images.

Blake's parents have sued the school district in federal court accusing the district of spying on the students and their families and asking for an injunction preventing the district from remotely activating the webcam, or recalling the MacBooks for fear the district will erase evidence of the cameras' activation.

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