Sunday, February 21, 2010

Glenn Beck speaks at CPAC

By John Kubicek

I knew that Glenn would be awesome. On his radio show Friday, he was telling Stu and Pat how he kept changing what he was going to talk about at CPAC. Don't worry, he came up with the perfect speech, as you will see below. Glenn comes on at about 5:20 on the video. The entire length of the speech is roughly 55 minutes, and this will be an hour you'll love as you watch and listen to this brilliant man. Enjoy!

Giving credit where credit is due

I want to thank SarahStormRpt at twitter for leading me to this great video, and though I probably would have eventually found it anyway, I'm pretty sure it saved me a lot of time. Oh, FYI, I also should tell you that this video can also be seen at Caffeinated Thoughts, which is how I found the video over at USTREAM.TV so I could get the embedding code (I hope it works!).

And, last but not least, Sarah Palin approves of this video!

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