Thursday, February 18, 2010

Black allegiance to the left: Time to die ~ By Erik Rush

Commentary from WorldNetDaily

By Erik Rush

Posted: February 18, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

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The experiment that has been conducted within the population of blacks in America by the far left over the last four decades has been a tremendously successful one. It has demonstrated that the left does indeed have the ability to so thoroughly propagandize a segment of American society, while grossly exploiting them, that it remains all but impossible for that group to grasp the reality of their situation and react accordingly.

I refer to the phenomenon of the political left having insinuated its doctrine into what is commonly referred to as "the black community" in America and subverted its cultural norms. Tandem with this, they completely co-opted the civil rights agenda.

What has occurred regarding black Americans is a microcosm, if you will, of the agenda the left has for Americans at large; indeed, many have been similarly indoctrinated ideologically, but even some of these have been known to gravitate away from the socialist worldview. As a whole, however, black Americans remain obdurately camped within the fortifications of the far left, despite ongoing and even increasing exploitation.

This, no doubt, has been encouraging to progressive-socialists and Marxists in positions of power; it indicates that such methodology might eventually prove successful among all Americans – or at least enough to cement their political power in perpetuity. This is, no doubt, a chief reason why progressives are feverishly working toward amnesty for illegal immigrants from Mexico; an extra 10 million or so devoted Democratic voters would go a long way toward that aforementioned cementing of power.

An entire book could be written on the manifestations of the political left's effect on blacks and race relations in America. As far as black Americans go, it was fortunate for progressives that, as of 1950, millions of black Americans had been drawn to large urban centers, where the left's power was concentrated. Also fortuitous was the fact that the same progressive agencies practically controlled the public education system and were augmenting their sway.

Thus, through the influence of substandard education, activism and political dogma, black Americans became and remain convinced that segregationists, white supremacists and whites who generally wished to keep blacks subordinate were creatures of the political right. The machination of the left's throwing billions at the black community under the pretense of exacting justice, but fostering dependence, is also well-known to many Americans.

Many black Americans who go on to colleges receive even deeper indoctrination into the afrocentric worldview by old-school Marxist professors, former radicals and neo-Marxists (both black and white), who nurture the conviction that a malevolent, faceless white majority would just as soon see blacks back on a plantation somewhere. This they might even accomplish – if not for the magnanimous action of progressives.


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